Wednesday, October 22, 2008

elegant wedding

an elegant wedding

The youngest step-uncle got married in a ceremony surrounded in opulence. Everything is so genteel and comely! The decor- from the gift trays to the reception....

So tasteful, sooo nice!

The akad nikah (solemnisation ceremony) was held at Assyafaah Mosque that noon, followed by Zohor parayers there before heading over to the wedding reception held at the bride's place in Woodlands.

The food's pretty good, too. My mum & I savoured almost all the desserts that they served on the buffet spread. *sorry no pics*

Seeing that they have a hand in the wedding business themselves, I'm sure they won't leave any loopholes for their own wedding...

~The complete picture album HERE~

You'll get the link to the Decor's website there. You can find more gorgeous pictures from the reception in their album.

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