Saturday, October 18, 2008

coach, wassup?!


yes, coach.. the brand... you know the 'monogram' of those-back-to-back C's..?

I see them everywhere, la! What is it with Coach again..? I just don't get it.

And my boss came back from the U.S of A with a flu... And why?

Because she way busy buying Coach stuff for people who placed orders with her when they heard that she's headed there. Oh, I forgot to add. She went out in THE COLD to buy those stuffs.

I think it's cheaper there, supposedly.

And not surprisingly, she got Sri and me, something from... no points for guessing. Hmm....

And she bought her mum a Coach handbag, but the old lady dun bat an eyelid and refused it. A bag is a bag and she got loads of it, so there! So my boss got a spare coach bag in her hands.

And she relised she also got another. Must have been a mis-count with the orders. And she gonna put them bags up for sale.

Oh, hold your reins!

Knowing her, she doesn't lack friends who have the spending power to spend on stuff like this on a whim. Betcha' those bags will be sold out in a jiffy..!

Hey COACH bags lei...! Surely they won't refuse..! *although I will*

And look what I found..! Tucked in my drawer nicely, yet unused...! Maybe should attach it with that black purse...?

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