Monday, October 06, 2008

after raya

back after raya

Gawd, was it REALLLY difficult to wake up this morning or wat...?!! I set the alarm for my morning jog but given the time I finally rose from bed, I was even ALMOST late for work.

Oh goodness... WORK. I learn to despise longs breaks over time cos' it's just so sh*tty. The dread that's weighing in me, that is. Having taken leave on Thu & Fri, which gave me a really looong weekend, which, instead of giving me the break I much need, only deem to drain me.

The most tiring of things to do has gotta be waiting. Waiting for peeps who called to say they'll be coming over. And the best part has gotta be when their arrival coincide with like AT LEAST 2 other families. Imagine all that ruckus.. In my meager 3-room flat. IMAGINE...!!!

And when I DO go out for visiting, I stuffed my face like crazy. Even when I dun go out, I stuffed my face. Waiting NEVER fail to make me feel hung-wee. And I end up eating late at night which gives me insomnia.

Maybe my body is tuned to sleep at least 2 hours after eating. My eyes may be asking for sleep but my stomach & brain seemed to have made a pact to keep me awake till the fullness in my belly subside. Sheesh!

Sorry but most of my raya pics are in facebook. No more multiply or friendster. I'm such a sucker for new stuff.

**ahuh. yeah. that's my new hair. do.**

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