Thursday, October 23, 2008

nadia's babe

nadia's babe

So Rufeah and I FINALLY got to meet Nadia and her little girl, Mahdiyya Imaani. And got a bonus in the form of her hubby who just flew in. Complete family!

Why 'finally'?

Apparently, Nadia and her girl was supposed to join Rufeah, Shyba & myself last Friday, when we planned to go on Raya visiting rounds to one another's homes.

However, she called me to inform of an emergency that occured and so the 3 of us had to make do without them both. I have to admit that the whole evening, our moods were pretty overcast with worry about her daughter's condition.

So much so that we almost didn't take any pics. Almost.

And Monday was the supposed date for us to drop by her place and yet, all doesn't seem rosy- yet.

And yeah, all's finally well and Nadia said that we're welcome to visit her that Wednesday. And yet, hours before our meet, Shyba informed me that she had to work till' late so Rufeah and me, we just went ahead.

And we met the star behind all this brouhaha. In all her cute glory. Look at her. Isn't she just adoooorable!

Must be those cheeks. So pinch-able (I didn't, of course)!

Anyway, dearest Nadia. I'm glad we finally met up. All that talk till' late that night, really brought back really fond memories, reminiscent of days since TMS.

We shall meet again before you fly back to Sydney, aye? And we will all make sure that Shyba makes it this time. ALL of us must take a picture together.


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