Tuesday, October 28, 2008

cucus Sirpan II

cucus Sirpan pt II

Now, the dinner. Despite the crowd and disallowed reservation that Saturday evening, we managed to get a table for 6 after less than 15mins, just in time for Natra's & Ika's arrival.

Suzy can't help comparing the food here with 'the other one' much to Han's chagrin. "Do you have to compare EVERYTHING??"

Food's alright. Heck, it's the company that makes everything spectacular!


Not surprisingly, we asked for an extra portion of this.

fried country mushrooms

First to arrive. Kinda' enjoyed popping this in. Save for the fact that they're piping hot inside. Greedy us!

Served with what seemed like garlic-butter sauce for dipping.

cajun fried oysters

This one's pretty alright. I still prefer my oysters really fresh AND raw. However, I'd rather have this over the oyster 'poppers' served at fisherman's wharf.

The sauce here could be mayo. It's too thick to be sour cream. I would much prefer the latter.

garlic butter mussels

My favourite of the lot. Served with a basket of baguettes.

Natra, Ika & myself, we must have inhaled the sauce in or something. Have to get more from Suzy's side of the table (ordered 2 portions).

Goes really well with the rice that comes later.

scorching them prawns

We told the guy to keep on doing it till we are done with our photo-taking. It amused me when he started smiling after that.

Too bad, our cameras were only aimed at his hand and the pan.

them (scorched) prawns

Given the time taken for us to be truly satisfied with the photos taken- before we let him put the pan on our table, I'm surprised the prawns were not even burnt.

Skilled, ah that fella!

more fried oysters and fried calamari

I prefer the spiced ones we had earlier. But the calamari here was spiced. Not bad.

rear view - the slab of deep-fried fish fillet & fries

Wish that they had been more generous with the butter sauce...

front view

Ika totally relished in finishing the garlic rice.

Pretty satisfying meal... Maybe should bring my bro here next time.

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