Friday, December 31, 2004

".....I would counsel against watching the news over and over. We all know it's numbing...."

That came a tad too late. I watched too much & became too numb. I dunno what it means to be 'too' numb, I no no longer feel remorse. Those who went through the spate, sad...yeah. Like the malay saying:

"Berat mata memandang, Berat lagi bahu memikul"
- It's hard for us to watch others who are dire situations but it's even harder for them who had to go thru' it....

They are asking for help - the various charity organisations. Lets do our part. You see those cans, in shops, ppl holding them as they approached you? They have these small slots that you can put money thru'. Old clothes? Better still - blankets?

Go thru' these links:
Red Cross(Singapore)
Mercy Relief (Singapore)
Tsunami Help
World Changing
Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunamis Blogs

My mum is packing blankets & comforters and some old clothes. Somebody's collecting them to be sent to the Indonesian council.

It must be cold out there. All that water...

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