Friday, December 03, 2004

Yeee har! Finally, uploaded the pics of the Belakang Padang trip! Woo hoo! Ntah beezeee macam mana, lah mina kita satu ni...Since Sun, today then upload....
Heh. C'mon, gimme a break!

Mon~Got the Blues + migraine (excused)
Tue~Overtime...Rushing a deadline (excused)
Wed~SG Idol. Too many ppl talk bout' it on their own blogs so I shall not elaborate on that. Just tat my $$$ is well worth it. Tot I sms 10x. The confirmation msgs came back 13x. Whatever. (excused)
Thu~Overtime, then rush back for jalan raya with Sec sch mates, for which I came back at 0135hrs. (excused)
...And then comes today.... and I uploaded. Geez, I am a beezee person! much for the crap. Here's the pics :
++Belakang Padang I++ ++Belakang Padang II++

Wonder when I'm uploading the outing with my mates yest'day...

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