Sunday, December 12, 2004

Been on his mind for quite sometime. Not to mention, yearning for it. But it was only yesterday that he voiced out his intention. Huh?

It's the Thai beef noodles that he last ate @ the hawker centre beside Harbourfront bus terminal. Not just any beef noodle, ok? The taste is the authentic Thai taste - Thaksin(yes, as in the Thai PM) Thai Beef Noodles.
Extremely tender fresh beef(the meat), stew meat(ribs area) & the yummy-licious tripe all in one bowl. Not to mention fresh kangkong, taugeh, noodles with really delicious i-dunno-how-many-spices soup topped with fresh sweet basil leaves. Just $4. Does that leave you drooling?
Oh, you can self-serve the coarsely ground chili padi with vinegar or the harmless looking chili flakes(like u get in pizza hut). Don't be fooled by the chilli flakes, though. Despite it looking suspiciously like dried chili padi, I dumped a great amount into my bowl, anyway. Big mistake.
The ultra-spicy chili+very hot soup=great pain. Ooooh... It comes to an extent that both my mum & myself got scared of eating it hot and waited for it to cool down first. Less painful on the tounge, that way. The noodles are still deeeeelicios nevertheless. FYI, they have 2 other branches - 1 in Clementi & the other in Woodlands.

awwwsome! the beef noodles :: mum & dad with theirs'

Went to Parkway Parade, next. Dad said he wanna check the Hello! shop cos' his current h/p is giving him trouble. As always, we drop by Ya Kun for their kopi & kaya toast. Irresistable! Sorry Starbucks but Ya Kun's kopi carries more temptation for me than my own fav. Caramel Macchiato. Besides, it costs less than $1! We even bought another packet of their ground coffee(Ya Kun, not Starbucks).

There's a Doraemon performance at PP. So cute! I actually sang along to their song. But I stopped short at dancing. Too crowded, lah. Bro called. Hearing tat we're in Parkway, he said he'll be taking a cab there. He's broke anyway so we ended up waiting for him at the taxi stand later on & paid for the fare. When I told him bout' the Doraemon performance, he was so disappointed that he missed it. So I content him with a photo-session with the replica... That's my bro for you.

bro & me with Doraemon

Did I mentioned I went shopping? Top up on facial & cosmetics for mum & myself. Heck, I even bought a book!
Been trying so hard to get this book in the library....
I just strode into MPH. The book was displayed near the entrance. Was real excited that the paperback version is out. Only $17++. Just took one & pay. Bonus! I think there's 20% disc. End up paying only $14++. Yea!

Still got time to go to Giant. My bro(always the kid) went from one aisle to another. Most of the stuff in the trolley is his junk food. Mum even bought a chilli plant. Mind you, with the pot & all. Bought stuff for the car etc... By that time it's 10+ and everybody's rushing home so exiting the carpark is like going thru' the Causeway. Jam.

Should I go away, I'm really gonna miss Parkway. My family had such great times whenever we were there...

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