Friday, December 24, 2004

Nothing beats being by yourself to get to know yourself better. Private moments in the toilets aside, I was meaning QUALITY time by yourself. You know, like going out alone-spend the whole day by yourself.

That's what I'm determined to do. Maybe take 1 day's leave and walk down the memory lane. Days of my past, my childhood.

I'll take bus no. 7 and alight at Holland Road and walk down East Sussex Lane. I shall assure myself that it's ok to walk there alone in broad daylight. That place is super-eerie, I tell you. All big trees with over-hanging leaves that may brush your face as you walk past. Along that road are the backyards of big bungalows. All quiet... There's a huge rambutan tree that when it start to bear fruit in all its glory, ooohhh, just so tempting. Best part is, it's overhanging the overhead bridge. One can easily reach for one or two of those... FYI, the bridge span over a railway track. Back in those days when the bridge doesn't exist, ppl mentioned seeing this small boy 'playing marbles by the side... And some others. I shan't elaborate on that.

What's memorable is that when my bro & I visited my late great-gramma(gosh, I still miss her so...) and it's already dark. After we cross the bridge, we'll sprint down that lane, past the big trees, the big houses (or that girl on that swing in the dark backyard...) to get to the main road. We'll start laughing after that. Scary but funny.

Then I shall walk around the neighbourhood. I can visit the house where I grew up in but my cousin & his wife is living there now & I shan't disturb them. Go to the old(but renovated) market, the coffee shops, hawker centres, the (now new) CC, the police post and the loooong walk to Buona Vista MRT....

After which I will take another bridge to Holland V. Going there in the day brings me back to the good ol' days in Poly. BK, Starbucks, Coffee Bean.... The large collection of megazines at that mamak shop. Holland Road shopping ctr....

Then take 106 to Orchard Road. Go to Taka. Up to Kinokuniya. Those days of looking for design ideas by browsing through their great collection of books... My ol' workplace(some restaurant in that building) then the basement-Foodies' Galore. Buy my fav. Choc. Almond Croissant & Cinnamon Doughnut from Bread Factory. Then have a quick lunch while sitting at the Civic Plaza....Get a cuppa from Starbucks Liat Towers. Or from BK. Reminisce those days of discussing group works there, with that bulky laptop....

After which I will take a bus to Marina. Go to Millenia Walk. Sit at Time2. Visit the waterfall. Those were the days when I try to get inspiration for my final-year project. Then the BK where I used to spend hours drawing away my ideas. Hopefully, by then it will be evening. Sit at Suntec's fountain terrace. Watch the laser show. Enjoy the music and amuse myself with other ppl's antics. Maybe take out a sketch book. Get Auntie Anne's for dinner. When the show is done, I'm done. I'll then go thru' City Link and take the train....Home.

That's all.


Had a fall-out with my mum yest' night(dun' worry, Tini. It's nothing to do with you..) She said that she won't come back before going for work. Sounds scary. I hope she only said it out of anger. The fact I have migraine doesn't help. She even refused to let me drive her to work.

Took medication for migraine. All's well until I was about to take a drink later on. That's when a blardee black, fat lizard dropped on my foot. Eeeee! Aaaaargh! Bleagh! I think the whole block can hear me scream, "EEEkkkkk! Cicakkkk!!!" I jumped around and hopped onto the sofa on the living room. The headache comes back amidst my bated breath. Sucks.

In the morning, I awoke super-early. 0630hrs. My dad reminded me to wake my bro up later on(that's my mum's job). He mumbled something bout' my mum calling earlier on. Erk, isn't she coming back after work? She really meant what she said yest??? "Dun forget to mintak maaf dengan your mum, nanti," my dad reminded me beforte leaving for work. Aww, man! And I have plans this evening, meaning I won't get to see my mum the whole day!

Was having a shower when I hear the keys jingle outside my house. Hey, my mum's back! After shower, I went straight to the kitchen where she always sat, took her hand and kissed it. "Mum, I so sorry bout' yesterday..." She replied, "I'm sorry too." Then kissed me on both cheeks.

Such is the power of forgiveness. It lights up my day, though it doesn't cure the still lingering migraine....

Can somebody enlighten me as to what impact a menopause can have on the person herself and her family????

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