Saturday, December 18, 2004

My body's internal clockwork did me injustice - today and every Saturdays before this. No matter how late I slept the night(or even morning) before, I always wake up at the same time every Sat morning, i.e. the time I wake up on every week/working days. Doesn't it get the idea I only work 5 days/week???! Ugh!

I dunno why I can't sleep early on Fri nites. Maybe it's the anticipation of the coming weekend or I have some residual caffeine left in my system from all that coffee I took to wake me up during office hours... Like yesterday, I slept at almost 4am, making my bro supper & watching this Malay vcd with him. What time did I wake up? 7.45am!!! Same time I do every other weekDAY! Goodness, it's the weekEND!

Niwae, I was bent double watching the vcd yest. It starred Saiful 'Apek' of Senario fame. It's a romantic drama actually but what makes it funny is Saiful starring as the hero. A SERIOUS hero. No joke!(pun intended..) The more baritone his voice is, the more stiff his posture, the more I laugh! I mean, c'mon! Did you see him in Senario?! What irony, that a comedian made me laugh harder the more he starred in serious roles....

Talk bout' irony... I stumbled upon tis' ad while fiddling with the radio tuner...Think it's on Perfect 10...
Mum to son:"... stop that! You're already 24 and you are NOT Santa Claus!.."
Really, what irony. My bro is 25 and he IS Santa Claus (if you wonder where, just ask...)
Evidence proving that I HAVE a Santa Claus under the same roof...

Waking up too early make me like a lost soul in the house. Wandering aimlessly. My dad must have sensed my restlessness and mentioned bout' going out. Yeah, the WHOLE family went out. My bro skipped work(for some reason or other but he deserved a rest...! He got koyok all over his back!) We had lunch at Raffles Banquet.
My musically-inclined sibling wanna imitate his idol, the late John Lennon. (Piano courtesy of Raffles Hospital)

Then it's shopping @ Parkway Parade(again?!) after which we made a stop-over @ East Coast beach for a good breather after the hectic atmosphere at the bustling shopping centre. Government staff just had their bonus, I think(..pardon me if I'm wrong. Just assuming)

Dad :: Mum :: Bro @ East Coast (my bro looked like he'd been beheaded by some flash of light. Scary...)

Watched a re-run of Ikhlas(a charity programme)just now. Must say that I'm duly impressed with Tiara Jacquelina's performance. So energetic. So unlike the literary-classic concept of the epic movie Puteri Gunung Ledang. Power!

Oh... And also, kudos to you, Khama. You finally appeared on national TV! Donning that smart uniform of yours! Haa haa. Your 2 mins of fame... Heee..

Anyway, now that I'm finally done with things, I shall get the rest I sooo wanted. With a great book and the ever faithful wasabi green peas for company. Ahhhhh...


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