Sunday, December 12, 2004

Went to watch the third & final instalment of the Blade series. Frankly I dun' even know it's supposed to be a trilogy. Come to think of it, I've been following up on lotsa' triologies... Matrix, Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars(ending soon) & now Blade. Hmm...I sense a pattern...

Anyway, Blade:Trinity was ok. Though I admit Blade I is much darker & still the best. Blade II is more dramatic & Trinity is hyper-funny! Ryan Reynolds character as a motor-mouth ex-vamp is so darn funny I still giggle and some of his quips.

Heard that the cast had to go for intense training to pump-up their body to suit their roles. it's sure did them some good. Jessica Biel reminded me of Jennifer Garner in some scenes. I soo soooo dig Ryan Reynolds new bod. You should hear the gasps, followed by, "Oh my! His body is hot!" by fellow female audiences in the theatre. Ditto. I'm one of them.
Bet my movie buddy ain't that happy. He's been working on his body, too. C'mon Bas, the time will come. God knows when. Hah! Ok...ok...I shall be supportive...

Being @ Great World Cityis always nice, cos' it's more quiet & I so dig the lifestyle shops there. Check out this modern furniture shop and this particular shop selling pop-art stuff & mostly clocks on the 2nd floor.

The movie experience is good, too. The IMAX screen aside, the theatre's not bad. Hey, the place ain't called 'GV Grand' for nothin'. I got the Ocean's 12 popcorn set. Got 2 collectibles plastic cups! I like..!

Niwae, it's so sweet of my bro to wanna fetch me all the way from there despite the rainy weather. He dun' even mind send me fren home. Thanks bro! U're always cool!

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