Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Finally changed my skin! All that black background can be quite an eyesore. So what if it no longer seem dark-natured? This is reeeefreshing! How? Nice?

Gals(you know who you are)...I've uploaded the pics of our Hari Raya thingy already. Ruf, do forward me your set, ya?

I dunno when will I be able to stay at home on the weekend & rest-FOR REAL. Last Sat gotta' accompany my mum to ther company's D & D @ Holiday Inn Parkview. Kinda lao-yar. They catered the food for us Muslims(dun' have a Muslim kitchen) but the portion sucks.
The only good thing bout' that hotel is the fact that it's next door to the CTE entrance. Easy to avoid the Orchard Road jam. Sat nite', what do you expect?

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