Thursday, December 30, 2004

Went to J.B. yesterday. A bit of shopping here & there.

But no mood to talk bout that now except that I bought another book by Dan Brown:Angels & Demons. Heard it's a good read. Better be worth it. Too lazy to look for books in the library nowadays. Rather buy. Bought some books for me nephews & nieces. They gotta' read more English books. School's opening.

Visited some blogs belonging to peeps that were at the various areas affected by the tidal waves. Thanks, Shyba! It's a real eye-opener to read the experiences & opinions of those who went thru' it first-hand. Really sombre pictures that can make you shiver inside.

People who only want to seek solace from their everyday life. Going to places they worship as island paradise. People whose places have ALWAYS been their paradise, suddenly became an almost hell-hole. Their home, whole villages even families & friends.... all gone. Things will never be the same...for them and everyone else. Heck, even the guy at NASA said that the earth's rotation (or something like that) has been slightly affected (and changed) byt that great quake.

I saw pictures of places I've been to before. Patong beach. I know that place had lots much more to offer, that's why I want to go there again. In fact, I almost booked a hotel sometime before the disaster. The same hotel which I heard was 'flattened'. I checked out the resort on Phi Phi that I also almost booked. What was left was only the roof.

I wonder what happened to tose who were there? Those who watched the bigger-than-usual waves coming towards then in awe. Thinking it's something magnificent. Thinking it's some 'surfer wave' that they've seen in tv. How does it feel when it dawn upon them that the wave will eventually swallow them up? Their families, belongings? Their lives? The tourist whose video showed what he saw first-hand. When he dropped the camera, what happened? Is he still alive? Or is he one of those in the hospital, waiting to be identified?

What about those fishemen who find it really hard to catch & sell fish fo living and to support their families who were waiting for them in the flimsy huts by the sea. How does it feel to find fish suddenly coming to them in abundance, drawing them with their families to rush to the seaside and get the catch, thinking that life is getting better for them only to realize the waves that actually bring in fish is the same one that's going to take everything from them?


Depressing as this may sound, this is REAL.

What we call life, ANYTHING might happen, can happen, will happen.

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