Monday, December 13, 2004

I feel so darn excited just thinking bout my next trip to Phuket(again?!). Aghast! I realized that I have a mere 1mth to get all the necessary preparations straightened out. Still sourcing for the cheaper way to book our(my collegue & myself) choice of accomodation. At least the transportation to there is settled...

What is stressing me out is the finacial side of things. Activities there ain't that cheap. Diving alone comes to almost $80/=(2 dives/1 day), not to mention snorkelling, canoeing, parasailing and....Bungy Jumping! Yeah!

woo hooo!!!!

At least my collegue get to skimp on that. She won't do the jump while I intend to do not one but two jumps! Phuket apparently has 3 bungee jump sites (just checked). I'm going for the regular bungee jumps which kinda' cost around $60 each. The other bungee option is 'The Catapult' or what is formally called the 'Reverse Bungee'. I've already done that at Clarke Quay so i guess I'll give that a pass.

Jungle Bungy(the original)- jump from 50m - at Kathu District

World Bungy(the highest in S.Thai) -jump from 60m - a mere 15mins walk away from my hotel.

All I can say is... I can't waittt!!!!!!

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