Friday, June 25, 2004

*YaWn* I'm still sleepy (thou I make no effort to sleep yet..)
I didn't expect this morn's match to drag on for soooo long. I was alreadi cursing for it had caused me to lose > 1hr's worth of ppprrreciousss...sleep.Draw once. X-tra time. Draw 2wice. Then penalty shootout. 2nd shootout. By then I was like, "Oh, gosh, pls let it end soon...." Inside, I was like,"And make sure England lose. Pleeasssee..." Just to make all this lack of sleep worth it. Doesn't help that I am clocking in an hour early for work 2dae. Seriously, I'm not a fan of Portugal. I just wanna c England's defeat. I can hear ppl saying, "Sadisttt!" Hey, to each his own. I made my choice. Now, France & Greece. Top-dog & underdog.
Another thing....(Ok let's sing together, now..) "I got my nuuu car..I got my nuuu car..." Yep yep yep. Just got my car this evening. My cousin (who drove it) managed to covince me to drive it during the last leg home. It's now or neva. I did. It's smoooth, baby! Duh! All new things are nice. Can't wait for my bro to come back & hit the roads again for a nite drive. Maybe even the expressways. Woo hoo!
Driving isn't that bad after all. Xcept tat I've yet to recover my parking skills. Yet to park at multi-storey CPs and master the art of filtering. After that maybe I can drive on my own...full-time. *wink*

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