Saturday, June 19, 2004

Had a sort-of class gathering today. Kind of. It's actually Liyun's bdae and maybe ard 1/2 the class were there. Ok lah. Great time to catch up with one anothers' lives...
The dae didn't realli start well for me...Do you eva have ONE day when everything seem to go wrong??? Maybe 2dae's MY dae. early morning, got stomachache of the major kind.(I think yesterday's mee soto got super-extra chilli..) Then in the office I realize I 4got me fone(to refer to previous post).
When I actually planned to leave early, my boss gave me a new job at 5pm and told me to get the layout ready by 6pm (wonderwoman, here I comeee!!!)Sigh..Of all days...Then even after I get the work done b4 630..I began to feel 'paiseh' bout' leavin b4 me bosses. So I stayed. They left a little b4 7.
Went to the main road to get a cab. Neil.Nacht.Null.Void.Whateva. There's juz no taxis. I began to feel like the new Stamford Raffles. 20mins...Still no cab. It occured to me that the other side may have some. None. A min later, I looked again. One. A little more..Another one. That's it. I'm crossing over. Juz dun tell me there's a cab on the side where I once stood like an idiot...Less then 1min, I'm alreadi in a cab..The journey, thank goodness is alrite. Yeah, then its time to pay...$17??! Erk! The Q at the ATM is like buying 4D. Patience, my fren...Figuring out wat to buy...I'm in a hurry & yet, need to buy sumthin...Ahah! Cards & Such! What can I get..Hmm..Cute beanie babies...Less than $10. At 10% disc..Got a duck and scented candle. Upon payment, I got 'psychoed' by the lady to buy a carrier..$5 additional..What got into me, man. Can't I juz say no? Must be this place. Last time I came here..I bought a car.Yikes!
Bus trip was ok...Managed to put film in and the card out of my 'rubbish' bag. On the lift, I wondered how I'm gonna noe her house when I dun haf her unit no?? Stepping out of the lift.."Bayya!!" Ok, my question answered. Her unit's nex to da lift.
Rest awhile, then I went out to the BBQ area. Oh no! My slipper strap snapped. My slipperrr!!! Darn, it's gonna b a looong way home...
I hobbled around in those. Managed to take some pics. I should have juz bought a 12 instead of 24. Now what am I gonna do bout' the other 14??
Luckily Lixian's guy wanna send to MRT. I dragged Xavier & A-long along. Paiseh, lah go alone...Expect the unexpected...I was dropped off at Admiralty, not Woodlands. My mistake. The silly me(hoobling ard with rubberband-strapped slippers) actually followed my frens cross the bridge onli to realize I need to take the bus from the other side. #@$^%&*!!!
Almost slept in the bus(despite me lenses). But those jerks behind me just can't cease talkin nor lower the volume... At Tampines..when taking 22, I actually intend to sit on the uppa deck. Fat chance. I almost trip on that slipper while boarding. Just sit downstairs...*frown*
Well...At least I'm home safely (despite all those mishaps). Just had an MSN conversation with Nadia & Haron, my ol' classmate from Sec sch...Miss those daes...

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