Thursday, June 24, 2004

Gotta watch the showdown bet. England & Portugal..So fast! Got no time to catch enuff' sleep. Guess what? My boss knew I stay up to watch these matches. It sure doesn't help that I thought I saw him noticing me sleeping on the job. Shucks! I remember, he was about to discard the newspaper he used during lunch when he decide to read it. Suddenly he asked," Siti, u watch soccer, rite?" I was flabbergasted(so he was reading the sports news)... "Ermm..Yeah."
Then he asked, "So did you stay up to watch?" Whoops. "Urh, only some. Those important ones." Gosh I can't believe he still remembered I love soccer. I remember telling him last time that I didn't look for a job soon after school ended cos' I wanna catch World Cup '02. What a thing to tell your boss! Ish! Oh ya, he managed to ask, when I told him the matches start at 0245, "Did you actually stay awake all the way?" I was quick to answer, "I sleep first, then wake up."
His wife even managed to add, "Oh, I've been wondering why you've been wearing specs these past few days...Cos' your eyes are too tired to wear lenses after watching soccer.." Huh? I never thought of that. I quickly tell her bout the 'tembel' I had on my eye which caused it to swell. Great.
Tomorrow is the day we collect the new car. I said 'we' cos' it won't be just my dad & myself(or bro). My uncle & cousin are coming along. Seems like both are more excited bout' this newbie than I am. Maybe I'm just quivering at the thought of driving again after a long time...It doesn't help that my mom has plans to go out early Sat morning. Go here go there. Doesn't she understand I may have difficulty driving around with my rusty skills and a brand new car?? My dad(who understands) keep giving each other 'the rolled-eyes' whenever she talk bout' goin out this Sat. Pressure, man!

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