Sunday, June 13, 2004

DON'T read this post yet. Read the one b4 this first..
Ok, lah I decide to con't with the CHANGI JOYRIDE stuff. Got lotsa'time to spare b4 the ultimate match between my fave team(France) & my kinda-disliked team(England). Dunno y I dun like Eng. so much. Maybe it's the captain. Maybe I had enuff' of the Premiership. Just dun like them. I dun like to jump on bandwagons but I'll stay by my France, still. Go France! Dun let me down!!!!
Ok, kinda' out of topic there..Where did I stop?? Oh the part where the door opened...Actually it's not the WHOLE door. It's a 2-leaf door, u c. So only 1 leaf opened. But, HELLO??!
At first it only opened ajar. 'Beezkut', who's sitting in front was like,"Alamak, the door opened! Door opened!!" He was by now lookin back. My bro told me later that he actually wind down his window hastily. Dun' blame him thou. He's sittin on the side where he'll be next to that door. Khai, who sat in the middle was lookin back while pretending to talk to my bro. 'Anjang' who actually opened the side door for ventilation already slide it close. Everyone was still. I was sittin at the back(beside the hind window). Then my bro(he's the onli one lookin in front) said,"Eh, pintu bukak lagi besar, lah!!" The single-leaf door is no longer ajar. It's fully open-to total darkness inside. Ok, that's it. This IS creepy. I was cursing my bro already. Can't he reverse for real? He's still driving into that driveway(near THAT door).He kept trying 2 get proper clearance while reversing & I notice that wheneva he had to make 3-pt turn(like what he's done previously), there's always a banana tree behind. I was hoping he neva hit it while reversing.(I was sittin at the back.) When he finally managed to drive off, all of us looked back at the bungalow. The opened door is like...Like it's actually welcoming us to come inside..Whoa..Goosebumps.
We came back to where that empty church is. My bro actually stopped there. They(the guys)got off. I was like, "What the..??" Heck, since they got off, no point waitin inside that stuffy van. I got off, too.The fresh air is..refreshing. Duh.
U knoe what e' guys did? They actually peed. Then they explore the nearby church. I watched from afar. They went behind the church, knock here, knock there..Then they went up the slope to the empty bungalow nex' door. Dunno wat they did there(can't see them already). I absorbed myself in the surrounding. I loove the peacefulness. The air so fresh(almost 3AM). So quiet. No wonder there are chalets here.
The guys explore the church area again before comin back to the van.I asked what they saw. I was told that a part of the church is extra chilly, like there's air-con. Whatever.
Next, we finally returned to civilisation. Got to 7-11. Bought snacks for early morning picnic @ Changi beach. Tol' my bro I gotta pee(weak bladder) and we stopped @ the beach toilet. No worries, it's brightly lit. We picnic near the water-breaker at Meetin point 2.Chill, man. The sky look like it's gonna pour its load but we heck-care.In fact, there's lightning every now & den.We snack around. The guys sang soppy luv songs(maybe that's why it's gonna rain) and juz' enjoy the breeze. My fav. momont is when the planes flew right above us and we can see their bellies. Kewl! Spent more than 1hr there b4 headin back to the chalet. The chalets in our row are empty so each group slept at the patio of the empty units. So tired liao..Zzzzz..We managed only 2-3hrs of sleep. Hangover.

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