Sunday, June 20, 2004

I mentioned the the camera & the film thingy in my previous post. Well, I now realized y...My cousin msg my dad @ 3pm, saying that she's given birth to a baby girl. Wow!..Sigh..Another new life into this crappy world...
My parents got all excited. Not surprisingly, they mentioned bout' goin to the hospital to visit her that very day. I can't believe my parents. Keep wanting to go out. And there's no car yet. How about when the car finally arrived? I'm gonna die!! Who else to drive but yours truly...? I think every month we r gonna bust lotsa $$$ on petrol & carparking.
Ok, back to topic. We really visit my cousin at ard 4+. I was kinda paiseh to knoe that we actually arrived earlier that the baby's OWN grandparents.*blush*....This thing bout newborn babies..So red, so fragile.Sooo...tiny. Of course I neva carried her. I dunno y I'm scared of carrying babies.Scared I'll break them or something. Maybe it's the dropping part. Whateva.
Aniwae, the other family members arrived later on. I got camera crazy. Click here, click there. Got 16 more film!Was worried bout the impact of flashlight on babies but I was told that babies can only see propoerly when they're bout' 4mths old. The ones who told me that? My 2 MALE cousins. Talk bout being paiseh..*blush again*.
Desperate to finish that roll of film, I asked my zany cousin to finish it up. Dunno what he clicked at...
Stopped by Bedok to top-up ez-link. Remembered my dad once wanted to eat at LJS. So I suggested having dinner there. Satisfaction guaranteed. The waffle fries taste superb. Less salty than the original uns... Then it's home. Here I am. Will post pictures as soon as I washed the film. Time to go digital, baby. All this washing & scanning is getting strenuous!

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