Sunday, June 13, 2004

CHANGI MIDNITE'JOYRIDE...Well, I've been keeping this for quite sometime, now. No mood, lah. Rememember my post about the chalet and I mentioned that on that very nite we went on a joyride to Changi to see some T/S. Right? I guess my bro was not being totally honest there. Apparently we went somewhere, first, before makin tat trip to Changi Point. He apparently made a stop first @ OCH. I knew something was wrong when he actually made a turn into a long, dark and extra-quiet road. when I see that dark, eerie building looming in front, I knew where we were. Idiots! I dun really mind the idea of goin there but he shld have the courtesy of informin us first. They mentioned the mortuary and drove to where it's at. Looks like the other building. We decide to move on and see the T/S(for real this time). We spot one and "she's" a hottie. Too bad the pic have not reached me yet but I will show when I have it..Her name's Fina. She looked like some Thai top model. Just too bad..The guys went ga-ga over her and actually went to have a photo-takin session with her. She graciously agreed(nothin much to do then, aniwae). A whole 15mins with us girls sittin in that van waiting for them to be done. Takper..takper..
The we aent to this cool area on the other side of the runway where you can see planes land & take off.There's some other cars there.We chill there for maybe 1/2hr b4 we drivin off.Turns out they have more on their sleeves..Those buggers!I tot' we r havin supper @ the food centre.Wrong.We came back to the road leadin to the OCH again.What else??!!We took a second look at the mortuary(wonder what's e fancination with this building..) before driving towards East Church Road.(not before goin to dead ends and tight security areas...)All buildings here looks like they've been there for the past century. And with electricity problems, I guess.No lighting except for the streetlites. That, or they are just plain abandoned. One dark building after another..Darks roads leading to even darker roads.I was told that these are actually chalets.My foot!Who'd wanna stay here? Maybe those authors with a major case of mental-block...Amongst the unoccupied bungalows is one where it's super-brightly lit.They assumed there's a lotta 'vice' goin on in there.Then we drove into this road further uphill, even thru' some big gates.Somethin tell me this area seemed restricted.Come to a dead end.Wrong lane.3-point turn.Road too narrow.Deep gorge.Great.
I heard them talkin bout 'The Bungalow On Top of the Hill'.Sounds cool (& eerie)We drove past this empty(& dark) church sitting within a large compound. Every plot of land here is huge! Beside it is a bungalow on a high slope.Eerie.I tot' that's THE bungalow they're talking bout.Wrong again. It's actually further up.Lotsa' lorries parked by the roadside.We drove past the ol' army petrol refill area.The place is like a vehicle graveyard.After a curvy, steep drive uphill, we began to see THE bungalow.Now I knoe what's fancination about...It is super-eerie.This is where the road comes to an end....After we 'admire' the sight, then my bro(the driver) said,"How to make 3-pt turn here?Road to small".Point taken.He then suggested that the only way to turn ard is by driving into the bungalow's driveway, meaning being IN the building area.Great.
I can swear I can sense everybody gettin tense, even the guys.We are gettin a close proximity with whateva we are fancinated about in tat bldg.Drivin in, we realized tat the driveway's too small for our vehicle(maybe meant for horsecarts only during those days..)My bro had to mave saveral attempts to get a clear space for a safe reverse(at the edge of the road is a deep gorge).We drove into the edge of the driveway numerous times. At maybe the 4th turn at the driveway....The main door of the bungalow ACTUALLY opened...No joke...
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