Sunday, June 06, 2004

30052004 Sun-The Dae Of The BBQ.
It's work time. There's prawns(big ones), squids & sausages to skewer. The smell...ugh!. What to do, somebody's gotta do the work. 5 of us(Natra,Ayu,Effy,Suzy & myself) decide to do it production style-each of us 'handling' one station.Many unfortunate pokes and fishy business later, we decide to retreat to the balcony and get down to some R&B & hip-hop.Then it's Snakes & Ladders.We wish there's UNO.Then it's sandwich-making.
The other girls had wanted to go to the pool but I decide not to(I can actually smell the chlorine when I walked by the pool). Being girls, they decide to wait for the sun to be less glaring/hot b4 they take a dip. Finally when it's actually less sunny, they practically rushed there (like neva' c pool b4...). Hee..I just keep watch at the side(like a spare lifeguard) and take care of their things. Seriously it never crossed my mind that it's actually less sunny cos' it's gonna rain. Cos' that is what happened in less that 1/2hr.You should see how everyone scrambled out of the pool. Farnee..
Evening comes, it's BBQ time. Hung-wee, man..And the smell of BBQed seafood..Ahh...My bro's frens arrived around 5+. Darn, cake not here yet. Nothing to tie the balloons to the wall, even. Cock-up, I tell you. As soon as the cake arrived,we all rushed around to paste the baloons...light the the cake cutting ceremony..Sigh..So sweet..Double b'daes...And both b'dae boys so chubby. Cute!
Then the guys played soccer. My bro kena chased by a bunch of tots. Wah cute man..Imagine 8 kids chasing after a Botak guy with round belly...Then we hang out at the pool. Check out the shot of Khai in mid-air thru' e link..
Waiting for my fren, Nadia to arrive. She actually came at 11pm. By then almost everyone left(it's Mon the day after). Those staying overnite just hang around. When I spot my bro around, I asked about his plans for that nite. He mentioned a joyride to Changi. "Look for T/S(bapoks)," he said. Hmmm...Well, that's another story....
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