Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Sat-29052004...I overtimed till', 12+ the day B4. One hell of a day, man. My day starts early...Let's see..

0900-woke up..spent 45mins in the toilet..oh ya..my cousin stayed over.breakfast..thing is i didn't tell my dad the appt. with the car dealer is bet 9 & 10. It's almost 10 now.
0945-My dad decide on a place to rent van for the chalet. At City Plaza. Called to make appt.
1030-Finally settled with the van and we head there.
1115-Reached Leng Kee Road. Super-heavy rain.Went to cycle & carriage. Only Merc. and Mitsubishi cars. Where's KIA?
1130-Found KIA Motors. Raymond the dealer's busy with another customer. By the time he's done, there's another customer(my fault, not my appt. time).
1230-Confirmed. We, the Rajiken & family are official owners of a new KIA Rio Hatchback 1.5 Auto 'Pemium'. It's to be equipped with sport accessories..Spoiler,gear,rims,leather seats...
1245-Test drive..The person accompanying us damn fierce..Feels like a driving test.
1300-Rushed back, got hi-tea at 2.
1355-Finally got ready. My house so clean, ah?('Rona', our part-time helper is there to clean, if not..that will never happen).
1405-Already at Hilton Hotel. My fren (Nadia) not here yet. Sigh..Wait.
1420-Fren arrived. Went to the ballroom.
1430-Ceremony started..WE can start to eat..Cool!
1725-Hi-tea ended.
1755-Booked movie tix. Day After Tomo. Got fron't row to 815 show. Cialat.
1805-Prayers at Al-Falah mosque. Jemaah maghrib. Saw Shyba & her mom there.
1950-Went back to cineleisure. So weird to sit in front.
2225-Movie ended. Show's ok...
2305-Sent Nadia off @ Somerset mrt. Withdraw cash for taxi fare.
2335-Reached home. Empty as hell. No one home. Told dad I'm home. They start calling evry 15 mins aft. dat. Bring this, lah. Bring that, lah. Bro's coming to pick me up.
0030-Bro finally picked me up. Reached chalet (Costa Sands Pasir Ris) in 15mins.
0230-Can't sleep. Played othello with Ayu. Turning over those things are hell, man.
0405-Finally got sleepy. Slept.
0815-Woke up.
What a day, man!

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Xin said...

hi, bored while waiting for my hubby to get up, so i browse ard some blogs and stumbled into you, hee, we want to buy the kia hatchback too! but havent got the time to go for a test drive, did u test drive? how was it? sorry for intruding though :)