Friday, June 18, 2004

Today, of all daes...Why..Oh y....did I forget my hp, todae...?! Good alternative. Email.(bless it!) Managed to get thru' to Vien to get Liyun's & Iris's fone number. Juz in case... All I noe is tat from Woodlands Int, take 900 and drop off at the 3rd bus stop. Cool huh? Then after that I can shout her name and hope really hard thet she'll respond.
What can I get for someone on her b-dae when u r really broke and payday is a week away? A card. And...??? But it's the thought that counts, isn't it? Hmm..
My mom asked, this morn, when will we get the car. I heck-care. Dun wanna think bout' it. She mentioned that the SPA thingy with her mom and aunt is postponed till nex' wk. So I guess she'll want me to drive, lah. Hello?! Last time I drive was during Hari Raya and I think my drivin skills are pretty rusty alreadi...And I'm goin to drive around in that brand-new car that I just bring out of the workshop??? I better warn the insurance company in advance....

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