Monday, February 28, 2011

Swensen's @ Marina Square

Since the bosses were away on holiday, my colleagues and I decide to travel a little 'further' and explore other eats, rather than the ones we are used to around our workplace. We decide to utilise the Circle MRT line and head to Marina Square.

When we were given the menu, the server informed us that there's a lunchtime promo where we're entitled to either free side dishes, drinks or ice-cream with any mains order.

We had assumed that they'll only serve us a small portion of ice-cream, like they always did for their lunchtime promos. Since we prefer plain water, we decide that having the sides for free will be worth it. So all of us opt to have free side dishes.

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

Never tried this before. Chewy sticks of mozzarella that's coated with bread crumbs and deep fried. Oh yeah. Nice.

Deep-Fried Mushrooms

Deep-fried breadcrumbed shitake mushrooms. Nothing can go wrong with these. Especially when served piping hot.

Rodeo Wings

I may like my sauces but the sauce for this one seem too overwhelming. Plus the tomato accent seem a tad strong.

Honestly, I prefer the Buffalo wings from Breeks, anytime. At least those have a tinge of spiciness in them.

Breaded Chicken Meuniere

A colleague's order. The chicken looked like it was in the fryer for too long...

Fish & Chips

Another colleague's order. A perennial favourite.

Beef Goulash with Potato

Tired of the same old stuff, I chose to get something different than the usual mains and pastas. This goulash was ooookayyy... lah. Nothing to shout about.

Seemed pre-made and heated up upon order. The meat was way too soft, evidence of soaking in gravy for too long. Well, I don't expect there to be a chef that can whip up a goulash so quickly... And at least that mashed potato go well with the gravy.

I honestly prefer those Lamb Shank & Oxtail Stew from Secret Recipe.

We were too full for anything else but thought that it'll be soo wrong to leave Swensens without having any ice-cream. So I suggest the Chocolate Cookies & Cream mudpie for us to share. I was expecting the one I had previously, which was pretty big and would be substantial for us to share.

However, when it arrived, it the size was like 1/2 the width of THAT one I had previously. It was like how a whole pie was poorly divided out and the last slice end up being a pathetic remnant, with bits dropping off the edges, even. Eugh!

It's true isn't it, if I say that our food experience really depends on the food handler?

When we walked out of the restaurant, we came upon the poster advertising the lunch-time promotion. We didn't notice it when we arrive because we came from the other side.

As it turn out, the free ice-cream is actually the sundae itself. The regular stuff, not the small scoop, like we had envisioned! Waargh! I should have asked!!!

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