Monday, January 03, 2011

Breeks re-visited

My colleague and I decided on having lunch at Breeks for our (almost) annual New Year eve lunch and we settled on their new branch at City Square Mall.

Lunch crowd was moderate but they were slightly under-staffed at times. So the pressure was on the (sometimes) lone server who really tried his darnedest. Kudos to him (too bad I didn't get his name).

Lunch experience could have been much better, had they not missed our on my main course and the very busy + inexperienced staff was unable to notice (I'm too patient for my own good, sometimes).

There was this calendar-like table display highlighting various dishes going for just $12.90 on different days. The Char-Grilled Quarter Chicken goes for $12.90 everyday. It had seemed so cheap that we actually brushed it off as student promotions. As it turn out, it's meant for everyone!

Plus, if you add $3, you can get the soup-of-the-day and choice of drinks ranging from Ice Mocha, Lemonade or soft drinks. For regular main course orders, an addition of $5 will entitle you to the soup-of-the-day + 1 soft drink.

Cream of Mushroom soup (Soup-of-the-day)

Seems like the out-the-can variety save for some real mushroom bits inside. Came served with a piece of bread that looks like pizza crust.

Something different and it's pretty decent.

Garlic mashed potato

Very pretty, eh? I wonder how they do it.

We opt to upsize our meal and ordered a side portion of this for just $2.50.

I had a taste of the sauce only, initially and I was like, "Euww!" Then my colleague reminded me that it's GARLIC mashed potato that we ordered. So I tasted the sauce together with the mash and yeap, they DO complement each other. Not bad, actually.

Buffalo wings

"...Golden brown deep-fried chicken wings made perfect with our Firecracker sauce
which will set your taste buds ablaze and your tongue wagging.."

I always try to order this whenever I see it on the menu, cos' I was curious about this 'Buffalo' sauce. I comes off like BBQ+ tomato + i-dunno-what-else (maybe paprika or Tabasco??) and taste really good when eaten warm.

It also helps that you eat them crispy wings before they get soggy.

Char-Grilled Cajun Chicken Chop

"...Our char-grilled Cajun Chicken Chop is truly an aromatic and tasty dish that would
defintely satisfy your craving for boneless grilled dish, enveloped and smothered with
herbs and seasoning rubs and char-grilled with the right crispy doneness on the outside
while retaining the succulent moist when slicing the chop with our steak knife..."

My colleague's order. Came with a side of waffle fries and some boiled veggies.

And true to its description, the boneless chicken thigh is crispy outside (esp. the edges) and succulently moist inside. And the meat itself must have been well marinated for it already taste pretty good on its own.

Cajun sauce

The cajun sauce was served separately, maybe so as not to mar the taste of the chicken marinade, I guess. It taste somewhat like a smoother version of salsa. One can either pour it over the chicken or dip in it.

Char-Grilled Salmon

I was thinking of salmon and contemplating between the regular Char-Grilled Salmon or the one with Teriyaki sauce. Coincidentally, the $12.90 promotional highlight the Char-Grilled Salmon itself so I guess, I got my choice made for me.

"..The high content of Omega-3 in Salmon is one of the main draws of this dish, compliment with its herb and lemony butter, a perfect dish for the health buff with a sinful twist..."

And then they forgot my order. -___-

(When it finally showed up) The salmon came out fine. It was a pretty big piece, too. Almost twice the size of the one served at Botak's Favourites. The skin at the bottom was really crispy and the meat wasn't overcooked.

On the other hand, not the same can be said about the sides. I don't have high expectations for the pasta to be 'al dente' but the spaghetti was so overcooked, it was really soft; to the consistency of laksa bee hoon. When mixed with the tomato sauce, it seemed... Eugh!

The boiled veggies suffered the same fate. Cucumbers are naturally soft so one only need to blanch the to make it more savoury (taste even better raw, actually). This one was totally boiled till it can be mashed with a slight press of my fork.

I had expected the salmon to be drizzled with lemon-butter sauce ala Ikea but it turns out to be Cajun sauce instead. I don't remember seeing the word 'Cajun' in its description anywhere. Disappointing, really.

After the add-ons, starters and sides, we ended up being too full for anything else and sad to say, had to miss out on the Classic Avocado drink and even the Coco Crisp ice-cream that I've been eyeing.

We planned on getting the Classic Avocado as our drinks but we got soft drinks served with our add-ons so we pushed that for dessert... Guess we're not meant to indulge much on that day.

Never mind. There can always be a next time. Maybe just the waffle fries & avocado. And maybe the Coco Crisp. Yeah.


Fatima said...

mmm it all looks so delicious!!

misriey said...

next time lets have JUST waffle fries & avocado, not forgetin dessert too... btw the mash potato is a beauty. ;D