Thursday, December 30, 2010

Botak's Favourites (Bedok) Lunch

Coconut cooler

Iced coconut drink with coloured syrup. And that syrup, apparently - is flavourless.

I had assumed it to be pandan. Guess I'm wrong.

Hot honey lemon

Nursing a cold that afternoon so I tried this popular remedy drink. A bit of a cliché, I know. But one can't help trying.

Well, they were too liberal with the honey, here. The whole concoction became this thick, gooey and uber sweet drink as a result. Didn't finish it.

Could have asked for a glass of water to dilute it but they used the wrong type of honey (the whitish/opaque type) to start with, so I just didn't bother.

Char-grilled salmon fillet

My colleagues's order. Comes with basil/garlic cream sauce.

I had a small bite and I like it. Seemed like it's cooked with the meat still remaining pink in the center, therefore it still remain moist. And the sauce complement it well.

Most importantly, no fishy smell.

She choose the side salad and fries. Boy are they generous with their fries!

The 'Massive' burger

Seemed like the Botak Jones burger is pretty famous. So I wanna give it a try.

I wanted some cheese so I choose to add on the cheddar slices (2 nos.) for an additional $1. The 'Massive Cheese' burger would have been too much, what with its FOUR slices of cheese.

Maybe I was feeling a lil' guilty for ordering such a large burger so I have veggies for BOTH my side dishes. The side salad and the daily vegetable (french beans + carrot). Those plus the greens in my burger, I feel almost healthy already.

The 'Massive' burger patty

This one here has a 220gm patty and that is reflected its large circumference. The thickness remained constant. I had hoped for that proportion to be reflected in the patty's thickness instead, so that it will be really juicy down the center. Besides, this patty seemed a little too... streamlined, for the 'handmade' look. I had expected something more 'rugged-looking' with that catchy name.

Guess it's no surprise that it does seem a lil' dry... But overall the burger is ok. No patty can be drier than McD, I guess.

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