Monday, December 06, 2010


Bee Hoon Hong Kong

Nowadays, I've seemed to have gotten over my fascination for kway tiao (flat rice noodles) and moved on to the very humble bee hoon (rice vermicelli) .

From Sinar Bahru Muslim Seafood. Save for the fact that this is one of the (not many) eateries near my office, I wouldn't always frequent this place. Food's mediocre. And the standard has pretty much dropped. Besides, I can't understand how anyone can cook squids till' the consistency of rubber. Seriously.


Fried Fish Noodle

After my bad experience with this dish previously, I was very careful when making my order this time.

This is a totally different stall. Although this was also at a Banquet outlet, this one here at the Raffles Hospital branch prepare a version that I much prefer. With deep fried egg, no bittergourd and we can choose our preferred noodles.

I instantly said, "Fried fish noodles, with mee sua. I want egg AND milk."

The lady curtly told me, "There's already egg inside." Okayy... how would I know? Different place, different versions, mah!

I love mee sua. It's just like bee hoon but more starchy. And pretty chewy to the bite.

The Fried Fish Noodles sold here is still one of my favourite. The stock is tastier. The fish taste fresher and the fish type is better (i think it's seabass??).

Plus, that fried egg is a clear winner.

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