Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fried Fish Noodles.. :(

Can you believe that the lady at the stall actually screw up my order? Then again, I don’t blame her - at first.

She was handling 2 stalls and 3 of us made our order with different specifications for each bowl. She muddled up all the specifications, which goes like this:

"2 bee hoon, 1 yee mee. 1 bee hoon with bitter gourd, egg and milk. 1 bee hoon no bittergourd, no egg, with milk. Yee mee, no bittergourd, with egg and no milk."

But upon after carrying the bowl of piping hot soup to the table, I noticed that she missed out the milk. I’m fine with that.

When I carefully tried to dig out some fish (I don’t want to break the poached egg yolk inside) before snapping some pics, I found out that there’s NONE. Fried fish noodles with NO fish. Definitely short-changed, there. Grrr….!

So I brought the bowl back to her and informed her of the error. She took a pair of tongs and ROUGHLY dug around for the NON-EXISTENT fish pieces, thus breaking my dear egg and making a mess of my soup! My poor egg yolk!!!!

It’s bad enough that I missed out on eating my half-cooked poached egg because it got cooked thouroughly when sitting in the hot soup for too long. To have it broken?!

The messed up bowl

I’m miffed. -___-'

ps: I loved to have my egg partially-cooked, whichever way it’s done.

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