Wednesday, November 24, 2010

32 Degrees Fahrenheit

After the Charco's lunch, my colleague remarked that there's still time for desserts and brought us to his favourite dessert shop, a few blocks away.

Snow Ice

32 Degrees Fahrenheit is a small eatery selling snowflake ice/ snow ice/ sliced ice, a popular Taiwanese dessert where is the ice is shaved so finely, they come served in layers.

There are various flavours available, eg. green tea, coffee, chocolate, lavender etc. Toppings include fresh fruits like banana, mango, strawberry & even D24 durian. Non-fresh fruits toppings are like M&M's, red bean, koko crunch, oreos etc.

Milk w/ Mango & Strawberries - $5

My colleagues told us that the plain milk flavour is the best so we chose just that and we had fresh fruits to go with it for a more refreshing palate.

We had the 'standard' aka large size, which is sufficient for sharing between 2 persons. My colleague had a whole bowl to himself, though. Then again, he's... well, different.

The ice was so fine, it melts nicely on the tongue. And the milk taste wasn't that overpowering. I had thought that the mango would have been the perfect pairing for this but it came out with a flat, sweet taste. Very one-dimensional. The strawberries were nicely tart and sweet at the same time and the flavours mingle really well with the milk ice.

On the fresh fruits also have bits of aloe vera jelly in them. Really, really refreshing on a hot weather!

Their website HERE.

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