Monday, November 08, 2010

Breeks @ Changi Airport T2

Came down here with my close gal pals for dinner. Initial choice had been Swensens but I'm glad we came here. Ambiance was better, more cosy.

Too bad service was pretty lacking, what with the very much inexperienced staff. Totally adored the manager's initiative though, in making our table more 'baby-friendly', like placing the cutlery away from my baby's (very) quick hands.

Hot hazelnut chocolate - $4.80

Sounds good? Here's the best part, my friend actually ordered the Hazelnut Cappuccino ($4.30).

So I got to have a taste of this when she asked me to verify if this had been more of a chocolate drink than coffee.

They eventually replaced this with her actual order. This one wasn't that bad, actually!

Classic Avocado - $6.90

This is oh-so-awesome! Came highly recommended by my friend.

Avocado with milk AND vanilla ice-cream. My friend was griping that there was less mocha syrup than the previous time that she was there.

But it already taste sooo good!

There's actually a 'Rainforest' version that comes with crushed chocolate chips. Yum-zeh!

Side salad

Comes with every mains.

This may be a simple bowl of greens but I tell you, the vinaigrette totally rocks! I wonder if it's the 'honey-lime' sauce that seem prevalent in most of their salad dishes.

Waffle fries w/ cheese & sour cream toppings - $4.90

I can't believe this cost only that. Makes me wanna go back there and just order this. Especially when these came piping hot. *drools*

Baked seafood pasta New Orleans - $15.90

The picture and description on the menu looks really enticing. Was really excited to see that there was a chockful of seafood items in that bowl.

Just too bad the sauce was a lil'... bland. As someone who is not used to sprinkling salt into her food, I just bear with the slight tastelessness. What a waste. The sauce was almost good.

The menu here seemed to have shrunk somewhat. Maybe they re-vamped it. Missing some dishes that I've had before. Like the 'Honey something-something Ribs'. Hmm...

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