Friday, November 19, 2010

Arnold's Fried Chicken re-visited

Spring chicken

My colleague's order.

You read that right. 1 person. 1 whole spring chicken.

Of course he didn't finish. Then again, the chicken today is bigger than usual.
Otherwise, yes, he didn't have trouble going through the whole bird.

I can just imagine the words going though your head right now. Starts with 'G', right?

6pc chicken

The set meant for 2 persons had only 5 pcs of chicken so we added another for the 3 of us. Comes with 2 buns, coleslaw, fries & 2 soft drinks.

The chicken is really really nicely seasoned with a pretty heady smell of garlic. Eating it there enable us to enjoy them freshly fried - all crispy and juicy. Yumz!

Sides - coleslaw & fries

The fries were surprisingly good. Has a thicker cut and isn't dry. The coleslaw, well it does remind me of KFC's. Just that this taste way fresher.

Additional order - Potato Platter

Can't miss out on ordering this one. Wedges, criss-cut & chips on a platter with small tub of cheese dip.

Spring chicken again

Can't help it. The whole bird looked gorgeous!

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