Thursday, November 04, 2010

Botak Jones Favourites re-visited

Also within the Tang Tea House premise, this popular American foodstall was also sought after by my 2 cousins.

Told them there's an outlet at Bukit Batok, very near their Jurong neighbourhood (yes, they travel THAT far); yet they insist on coming here cos' they wanna have both western food AND dim sums under 1 roof. Anything for good food, aite...? ;P

Again most of the stuff here were repeat orders. Read more on my previous entry.

Whoopass Chili Cheese Fries (S) - $7.50

Stuffed Jalapenos ~$7.00

200gm Ribeye Steak - $16.70

1 of my cousin's order. Sides chosen were: coleslaw & double-baked cheese potato

That sure is a large slab of meat! She actually had trouble finishing. Should have recommended her the "Ribeye Lady's Cut", like what my mum had previously.

Cajun Chicken

Another cousin's order. Grilled marinated chicken breast topped with cheese & Cajun sauce. Sounds delightful enough. Sides chosen were: butter-boiled sweet corn and foccacia bread.

She actually ordered the large portion. With bread. Wow.

I told her to just sandwich the chicken in between the foccacia bread and eat like a sandwich. She cleaned out her plate eventually.

Sirloin Steak

Hubby's order. Sirloin steak is wayy smaller that the rib-eye. In fact, the size seem similar to the Lady's cut.

Sides chosen were: fries and coleslaw. As a fan of coleslaw, I was surprised to see him rejecting this version. He said that the one here taste "different". Pfft.

As always, the steak here is done according to what is requested. In fact, the server will ask us to cut a part of the steak to see if we agree to the done-ness before retreating. Nice!

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