Thursday, June 03, 2010

Botak's Favourites @ Simpang Bedok

This was the food we ordered from Botak's Favourites stall in Tang Tea House at Simpang Bedok; when we dined there for bro's belated birthday dinner.

Menu can be downloaded HERE. But it's for Botak Jones.

Prices are based on what's printed on the receipt.

Stuffed Jalapenos ~$7.00

Their online menu put up a warning that these are seriously spicy stuffs. It was no big deal at first but the heat kinda build up on your tongue later on.

Oh, those in the unknown, jalapenos are Mexican chillies and they can be pretty mean on the tongue. These are stuffed with mozzarella cheese and coated with bread crumbs and then fried till crispy outside. Inside, the piping hot cheese oozed this delightful creaminess. The jalapeno tasted kinda' tangy, almost akin to the pickled green chillies we have with noodles.

Both my bro and mum remarked that they're pretty spicy but they still gobbled theirs up anyway. My mum even took the remaining piece. These are served with their shitake/pepper sauce.

The filling

Look at all that cheese!

NZ Ribeye Lady's Cut (150gms) ~ $13.30

My mum's steak order. This dainty portion is highly suited for her. This set with regular set dishes would have been $12.50 but since my mum chose the double-baked cheese potato, there's an additional 80 cents charge.

Only when we've placed our order, did we realise that they didn't ask for our choice of doneness for the steaks. From the looks of it, it seems to be done, 'medium-well'. A little too done for me but very much suitable for my mum's conservative tastebuds. Cooked and yet, still tender.

My mum happily remarked that this steak fare pretty well in her books, alongside those from Eatzi Steakhouse.

NZ Ribeye Steak (200gms) ~ $15.90

Only my dad's set came at the actual price cos' he refused the cheese potato. He won't tell me what he wants for his sides so I hastily decide on their fries and coleslaw.

My mum was worried that the steak's doneness might not be to my dad's liking but he didn't have any complaints so I guess it's fine. He can't finish the large portion of spicy fries, though.

I'm glad that they didn't pour they gravy over the meat upon serving. In my opinion, if an establishment is confident about the freshness and taste of their meat, they only need to season it with salt and pepper. If it taste good on its own, there's no need for any gravy. That choice should be up to the customer.

Black Pepper Chicken ~ $9.30

My brother is hardly adventurous when it comes to meats so he eventually settled for the chicken. Simply Black Pepper Chicken. He didn't even want to have a go at their household favourite; the Cajun Chicken (because the term 'cajun' is unfamiliar).

He'll never order steak. The only beef he'll order at such establishments are burgers. And lambs are a no-go cos' he can't stand the gamey smell.

Here they used the chicken breast instead of the thigh. I've always thought that only the chicken thigh can be really juicy while chicken breast are generally quite dry. This one here proved me wrong. This is served with the shitake/pepper sauce that's similar to the one served with the stuffed jalapenos.

He also ordered the double-baked cheese potato with butter-boiled sweet corn.

Rosemary Lamb Chops (200gms) ~ $14.80

My order. I know I want red meat but I can't decide what. Been sometime since I ordered lamb chops because I've been disappointed countless times with really badly prepared ones.

True to it's name, I can breathe in a whiff of the rosemary scent as I took a bite of the tender meat. The sprinkles of herb on the meat is also pretty obvious. There's also a dollop of mint sauce on the side and a glob of the shitake/pepper sauce on the meat.

I tried being all prim and proper at first, using the fork and knife to trim the meat off the bones. But when I decide to hold my infant son instead, I just picked the lamb by the bone and bite the meat off. Hah! That felt much better!

Finger-lickin' good!

Whoopass Cheese Fries $14.80

Saw someone ordering this. I looked at my brother and he looked back at me at the same time.

Upon ordering, then do I realise that it SURE is weird to have to say 'whoopass' in the presence of my parents. Haha.

Someone told my bro that this one here tasted akin to the chili-cheese fries from Carl's Junior. But Carl's Jr. fries aren't spiced, right? And that chili con carne (the spicy minced beef sauce) sure is tasty! And the stringy, melted mozzarella cheese below it makes this all the more fun to eat. Yumz!

Finally the Muslim community got to have a taste of the famous Botak Jones food after hearing so many raving reviews from all over the place. Especially about their steaks, burgers and the chill con carne. Their steaks seemed to be consistently done.

I'm gonna try their burgers next.

But next time I'm down in Simpang Bedok, it'll be to the newly opened Western Chow restaurant! Already checked out their extended menuboard. Looks delish!


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Check out the new Botak's Favorites at 5 Changi Village.