Sunday, June 20, 2010

my favourite waffles

What do you look for in waffles?

Soft & fluffy?

The one from this stall here is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Unlike the one from Prima Deli which also have the same characteristics, this one here is THICK.

Uhuh. Thick waffles that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. And depending on who prepares it, the filling can be pretty generous too. They prepare only upon order so you gotta wait a bit but that only means that your waffles come piping hot!

My favourite chocolate waffles cost me $1.50.

Ice-cream waffle - $2.50

This was my colleague's order of peanut butter waffles w/ ice-cream for dessert when we had lunch from the Malay food stall that shared the teeny-tiny premise with this waffle shop that also sells bubble tea. Confusing enough?

This is a bubble tea shop actually - that sells waffles on the side. They are pretty adventurous with their offerings, too. There's banana-chocolate waffles, apple something-something and other fruit fillings available.

Maybe they were kinda' inspired by Waffle Factory, which is located a few doors away. But their waffles fare wayyyy better of course.

However, paying $1 for that rather-smallish looking ice-cream scoop doesn't seem worth it. Ok, so there's a bit of chocolate rice and sauce... Pfft! Well, it's still more value-for-money than Gelare....

I'm somehow missing the thick & soft Belgian waffles from The Sweet Stone Parad'Ice. Especially when dipped in their Belgian chocolate sauce... Mmmm..!

Located at B1, Singapore Post Centre. Located beside Cut & Curl hair salon, on the same row as McD.

*Update: The shop is called, SMOOTHY DE CAFE.*

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