Thursday, June 03, 2010

Tang Tea House Hong Kong Cafe

Trooped down here for my bro's belated birthday dinner cos' my mum read the BH article on Botak's Favourites which has a branch located inside this premise (that'll be another post for another day).

Right now I wanna focus on (part of) my dim sum cravings that's finally satiated.

Ordered some dim sums as appetisers. Oh did I tell you that I actually went to Hong Kong and back without eating their Halal dim sum because I screwed up on the mosque location?

Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling w/ Mayo ~ $3.20

My bro's chosen order. The combo of the words fried+shrimps+mayo did him in.

Inside the Shrimp Dumpling

The wantan skin of the freshly-fried dumpling was crispy (duh!). What bowled me over was the generous filling of 100% shrimps inside.

Shanghai Steamed Chicken Dumpling (Xiaolongbao) ~ $3.20

Honestly, I was full of envy to see raving reviews of the Xiaolongbaos at Din Tai Fung. The idea of soft yet durable dumpling skin with piping hot soup inside...

Enticing, isn't it?

Imaging how eager I was to try their Xiaolongbaos.

Well, all of us hardly got to suck the soup out because the skin at the base of the dumpling broke and out spilled the soup. I gingerly picked up my dumpling and tried to bite off the top part and suck the soup out (following descriptions of other people's experiences). But the skin on top was a tad tough. And then the skin at the base of my dumpling also broke. Pfft!

The meat filling inside goes well with the condiment served together with the fried prawn dumpling (1st pic above). The ginger slivers in black vinegar comes hand-in-hand with Xiaolongbaos.

Siew Mai ~ $3.00

This-taste-really-good. If not for the fact we're all having a main course each, I would have ordered another portion of this.

Did I spy a bit of shrimp inside the chicken meat filling? Yum!

Har Kow ~ $3.20

I didn't get to eat this. ):

Because there are 4 of us. And the portion has only 3 pieces. )):

But my bro remarked that the filling is just as hearty as the fried version.

Ah well. Next time I come here, it gonna be for the Chinese food offering. Especially the Beef Brisket Noodles. And maybe that HK-style steamed Tilapia fish.

And more dim sums!!!!!!!!!!!


Winda said...

oooo ive eaten the beef brisket noodles there. both times the beef was a bit tough. the noodles were okay lah, cuma abit bland. i highly recommend the braised beef noodles at razack's along changi road. although, if you're there, eating rice with their hot & sour soup, sweet and sour fish, kangkong belacan (DAMN SEDAP), shanghai dumplings, braised beef and kung pao chicken, is even better. haha. im a HUGE FAN!

CT said...

ahh... Razack's Kitchen, the HK-muslim fella's eatery, rite?

Been aaaages since I patronise his place. I think it's due to that they're closed on Tuesdays and that's my bro's only day off. So we find it difficult to find a good time to head there. But since we tend to eat out on weekends nowdays, I think we might just head back there again.

I LOOOVE their hot & sour soup! Sedaap! And they have this fried chicken wings dish that's just delish!