Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tea break in office

(F) Blueberry danish (B) Mix-Fruit Danish

These 2 are the ones to induce the most temptation from us.

The blueberry jam + chunks of real blueberries sits on top of this custard filling with a light sprinkle of icing sugar. The tanginess from the blueberries is nicely balanced by the slight sweetness of the custard.

The mix-fruit Danish has a single blueberry, redberry, raspberry, half a fig & strawberry and a slice of pear sitting on a dollop of custard. And a thin ring of sugar frosting.

Between these 2, I much prefer the blueberry danish; even though the mix-fruit danish is more aesthetically appealing. The fact that the blueberry comes in semi-liquid form, making the flavours blend well on the tongue. The thicker crust is another plus and the powdered icing sugar lead to a more even sweetness compared to the thin frosting.

Besides, the single blueberry flavour makes it taste less complicated.

(F) some-pear danish (B) Chestnut Danish

I didn't consume that pear danish so I can't comment on that...

The chestnut danish is reminiscent of the popular Mont Blanc, which is a cake or tart made of puréed chestnuts and whipped cream; often on a meringue base. Just that this one here has the generic flaky pastry as the base.

The chestnut cream/paste is only slightly sweet, so the taste of the actual chestnut remain whole. Totally remind me of the piping hot 'buah berangan' (roasted Chinese chestnuts) bought from the street vendors. Inside, a layer of chocolate sauce lies beneath the chestnut cream; on top of a biscuit-like base that's supported by the flaky pastry.


Tini said...

somehow, you indulging my son!! hahaha!! where to get these danish(es)niway?? wanna grab them!

CT said...

Any good stuff indulged in the office is courtesy of me boss. This one from bread society, me think.

over there got more of ur son(s)