Thursday, July 01, 2010

McCafe break

After 1/2 hr of waiting in front of Mad Jack White Sands, hubby finally called to tell me that they're-still-at-home!!!


So I stomped over to McCafe below to see if there's anything to satiate my growling tummy.... and my overall pissed-off self.

Saw the small cuts of mini-brownies and mango cake. Looks tempting enough. Also saw something else that's on display together with the other confectioneries...

Mochaccino & CinnaMelts

Yeah, baby. They're baaaaack!!!

Honestly, I have every intention to order those chocolate brownies. Nothing like chocolates to ease a ruffled soul, eh? Somehow upon ordering, I said, "One small Mochaccino and Cinnamon Melts, pls."

Was that EVEN me, making the order? I didn't know I miss them Melts!

Totally digg McCafe's efforts at presentation when it comes to their hot beverages. One can't help appreciating a bit of caffe art, can't we? :)))

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