Friday, July 09, 2010

Korean Food

@ Banquet Eastpoint

Dolsot Bibimbap

'Dolsot' literally translate to 'Stone Pot'. In this case, it's a stone bowl - unlike the iron pots served at the formerly known Fresh Bulgogi. This one here is just like the granite mortar our mothers use to pound the spices.

Only the stone bowl impressed me. The rest of the items just fell short of being... really Korean. Maybe I've gotten too used to the ones from the former Zingdo & Fresh Bulgogi, where the Bulgogi beef is nicely marinated and they used actual mung bean sprouts.


Haha. More like condiments.

I tell you, the initial serving of kimchi was even lesser than the one pictured. All the patrons before me made the same request for more kimchi so by the time it's my turn, she automatically added more onto my condiment platter.

Man, should have asked for more of those spiced anchovies.

They squeezed the gochujang into the small condiment dish that one use to put chicken rice chili. Definitely wasn't enough! Should have asked for at least another portion. Due to the measly amount of sauce, my bowl of rice turned out pretty bland.

I almost thought that this is the other branch of that Korean foodstall in Fork & Spoon @ Square 2 (as recommended by 1 of my commenters), which also serve seaweed soup on the side and some banchan. But I guess not. The one there supposedly had ddeokbokki and kimbap too, whereas some of the foods served here seemed reminiscent of Japanese food. Fusion, perhaps?

Other plus points are the actual condiments they had. White pepper (good for soup), chili/red pepper powder (to add more kick to food - like what I did) and even black/white sesame seed mix. Me like! I wouldn't have known had I not seen other customers (seemingly regulars) lavishly sprinkling all 3 condiments onto their foods.

So will I come back here? Ermm.. perhaps. Seeing this is the one closest to home. Just that I won't go for the bibimap again. :P