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J's Wok & Grill catering pt. 2

~ Nyayi's 69th Birthday celebration

And continuing from yesterday...

**The incandescent lighting in there was pretty dim so most pics didn't turn out quite as nicely**

White rice & Seafood Fried rice

I took the fried rice. True to it's name, they never hold back on the seafood. I have to put back some of the big, fat tiger prawns that I scooped up because I already had some with the Tom Yam and there's still the Masala Prawns.

Prawn overdose, liao.

Mi goreng

Fried noodles.

I gave this one a miss. So many other good food to fill my belly! This one is plain unecessary. Not a big fan of this kind of yellow noodles, anyway.

Seafood Tom Yam

Oooh, I love their tomyam. You know how this popular Thai soup is practically ubiquitous at every seafood eateries. So there are just so many versions and sadly, not many fared well.

This soup here was savoury and filled with the slight sweetness from the chockful of seafood simmering inside. Spicy but not TOO spicy. Not too sour either. Maybe they did consider the kids that'll be in attendance.

Kacang Panjang Tumis Hati Ayam

Long beans stir-fried with chicken liver.

I grimaced upon seeing that this had chicken liver (me think it's disgusting). But seeing that this was the only cooked vegetable dish that night, I dug around for the green beans anyway.

Hubby's aunt chose this dish to replace the one that's actually on the menu: Pumpkin Stewed in Spicy Coconut Gravy. Man, I LOVE that dish!

Actually, she's quite right about how some people might not be able to appreciate the taste of the pumpkin, hence the replacement. Yeah, like how some people can't appreciate chicken liver... Pfft!

Masala Prawns

'Masala' is a term used to describe a mixture of spices. They can either be the dry mix or a thick paste (some gravy). For these prawns here, they are stir-fried with dry masala. I love my prawns done this way (aside from Cereal or Butter prawns, of course). Flavoursome!

Honestly, in my opinion, prawns taste good when prepared in any way whatsoever, as long as they are fresh. The flesh sweet, firm and the shell peel easily.

And these prawns here are no exception.

Another seafood dish on the menu is the 'Ikan Tiga Rasa', which translates to '3-flavoured fish'. The pic I took was sooo bad that it was beyond salvation.

The 3 flavours are sweet, sour & spicy. And it's no surprise that this dish originates from Thailand. The battered fish fillets though, were less crispy than what I had envisioned. Maybe they were soaked a little to long in the sauce prior to our consuming them.

But the sauce was nicely done. Just like the popular sweet & sour fish, albeit spicier.

Daging Goreng Kunyit (apologies for the bad quality pic)

Beef stir-fried with Tumeric.

I never understand this dish. Or how it's prepared, by the way. I expect some jaundiced meat pieces, given the yellowish nature of tumeric but the they look more like beef rendang cooked lightly.

Taste-wise, I have no complaints. Maybe I need to source for the recipe online to find out how it's prepared.

Chicken Rendang

Red meat rendangs are getting to be too common nowadays, so it's refreshing to see the chicken version instead. To me, chicken rendang reminds me of Hari Raya for that's when they're easily available.

However, unlike the traditional way of using 'retired', free-range chicken that's stewed in spicy coconut paste for hours at end, this one here seemed to be cooked simply.

Normal chicken that's prepared just like how one cooks curry. But it still taste good all the same.

the Birthday Cake

Also supplied by J's W&G (not in the package). The aunt said that this was chocolate fudge cake. I remembered that it had layers of blueberry jelly between each layer of sponge. And the outer layer was dark chocolate mousse... Decadent!

They had everything planned upon presenting the cake. First they switched the lights off. The Happy Birthday song started being played on the karaoke. Then the staff came in with the cake that's lit with a lone candle.

The lights are switched on only when the candle has been blown out (hence total darkness).

Very pleasant surprise, ain't it? I hope the old lady is happy. Well I sure am happy for her, to have children who still care to celebrate her big day with such a bang! Being in the presence of her children, grandchildren AND great-grandchildren as she celebrate her birthday in her twilight years...

Honestly speaking, I'm more than satisfied with what J's W&G did here. In fact, am very pleased with the service altogether. The manager was around most of the time to accommodate us. Appetisers and beverages were checked regularly and topped up where needed. They even provide plastic containers for us to pack the remaining food, considering we've paid for them and it'll be such a waste.

There's a small room provided for praying and the toilet on that upper floor is nice & clean with the front section designed specially for taking ablutions.

I'm wondering if there'll even be an occasion when I'll need their services similarly...

Oh and the western fare served at the restaurant below is fairly good, actually. The steak is pretty worth it!

J's Wok & Grill (a subsidiary of Jamiyah Singapore)
Blk 527 Bedok North Str 3
T: 6345 7155

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