Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Boy Burger @ KTM

Came down to Tanjong Pagar Railway Station (the 'older' foodcourt - closer to the tracks) after my son's swimming session on that rainy Sunday.

My mum and bro scrambled for their 'centrepiece'- namely, the fried items on display in the center. There were Pisang Goreng, Fried Popiah, Cucur Sayur (deep fried balls of veggie doughs) etc.

I was enthralled to see the big, fat popiahs (5-6 cm diameter!) that I asked them to get me some. A while later, it dawned on me that the reason they're big & fat could be because they're filled with curried potatoes (yeach!). Thankfully, that wasn't the case. They're generously filled with beansprouts, turnips & carrots actually. Add lashings of the free-flow chili sauce at the side and you're good to go (vaguely seen in the background of the picture below).

Beef burger

~ Egg parcel comes together by default.

I saw this burger stand and realised just how much I missed burger Ramly. The burger stall at the newer foodcourt next door proudly displayed their 'burger Ramly' sign. This one doesn't. But I gave it a go anyway, seeing that they guy handling the stall seemed free.

It seemed to me that the guy prepare his burger in 3's. I was distracted by my baby and by the time I want to make my order, there were 3 guys before me and the fella didn't even look up! Had to wait for the next batch. So meticulous was this guy in his preparation that he refused to be distracted. All his actions were like art itself.

From toasting the buns and placing them in individual foam boxes, heating up the pre-cooked patties and carefully stacking them on one side, cracking the 3 eggs and making an almost perfect rectangle on the pan. While the omelette crisp up, he place some lettuce on each buns, after which he proceed to place cheese slices on the omelette, followed by the patty.

And here comes the best part. He then took a bottle of bbq sauce and draw an actual 'hex' squarely on on each patty. Repeat the process with mayonnaise and chilli sauce. That sure was a lot of sauce! I LIKE!!!

Then he carefully fold the omelette over the 3 patties and gingerly tried to divide them into 3 parts. He placed each egg parcel onto the lettuce and cover it with the top bun. Ta-dah!

He's just so interesting to watch, so much so that one customer pulled up a chair to face him and watch him in action. I believe that food can taste good when it's made with passion. And yes, this had got to be one of the best burgers I had (those from fast-food joints not included).

The 3-sauce combo really did it for me. Especially eating it hot, with the melting cheese, the crispy omelette and the surprisingly slightly juicy beef patty. Ahhh... Pair that with a cup of ginger tea from the sarabat drinks stall... Fantastic for that rainy afternoon!

I highly recommend that you try having your meals during the lull period (in between meal times). Like 3-5pm on Sundays, in my case.

Most of the places gives better service and prepares better food because there's nary a crowd. Less hurry, less hassle.

And oh, it's just sad, isn't it. That this antique railway station gonna close down on July 2011? Hope they retain these eateries. I tell you, the people who are gonna miss these most are the PSA staff who worked shifts. I remember these people serving out piping hot Pisang Goreng right when these PSA staff comes out for their break. At 1am!

And that fabulous Nasi Lemak that seemed to be available only at night (yes, I'm sad to miss it that afternoon). Not forgetting the ultra crispy veggie bakwan which was absent that afternoon, too.



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