Friday, July 02, 2010

Mad Jack Cafe

@ White Sands Mall

My MIL was telling me how she was keen to eat at 'that open restaurant where they serve food with mayonnaise'. Haha.. That's how she express her term for Western food.

So I brought this up with the hubby and got him to bring his mum out for dinner there.

And coincidentally, his grandma just came back from her stay at her daughter's place so we got her to come along. And little did we know, it was her birthday the following day so it coincidentally became a birthday treat of sorts for her.

Yes, this was the time where I got tired of waiting and had a cuppa at McCafe...

Mad Cow Burger set

Believe it or not, this was grandma's order. She said that the other mains had portions that were too hearty for her.

In case you are wondering, no - she didn't have this Big-Mac style. Very demurely, she tore at the burger with her hands. She then nibbled at the chips till' the plate is clean.

I'm impressed.

Grilled Fish in Cream Sauce

Hubby's order. Was surprised that he asked for a grilled item, actually. However, I kinda like the way the fish fillets looked nicly-crisp despite being grilled only.

...Not surprisingly, he left the greens behind. Pfft!

Fish & Chips

My order. I thought of getting their dinner set but since everyone simply ordered the mains I just settle for this. I was contemplating to order the Premium Fish & Chips instead but, oh well...

I have preference for Fish & Chips done this way, over the breadcrumbed ones. But if not done properly, the crispy batter might just be a grease trap of sorts.

MIL was apprehensive about ordering this cos' she fear that it might be too crispy for her new dentures. After she had a sample bite, she decide that this will be her order; next time.

Anyway, MIL's order of Grilled Fish in Honey Lemon Sauce was actually overlooked by the folks in the kitchen. After more than 15mins wait, I enquired with the server who was later seen having a tense discussion with other staff at the counter. I looked at my receipt and saw that the dish was indeed paid for.

He came back and apologetically told us that the order is on its way. At this point, I was half-hoping that he'll offer a complimentary slice of cake to make up for that error.

What?! I can't help it. Those cakes seem to call out to me everytime I pass by the display fridge! Have u seen their chocolate cakes? Especially the MAD & Rich cake? Drives me nuts everytime I pass by there to get to the bank!

Anyway the dish arrived and I discovered that it was meant to be served with mashed potato instead of rice, as displayed on the menu. Darn, I can see my MIL was actually looking forward to the rice! Should have read properly.

And I finally know how unnerving it can be, to eat at this eatery with its open concept. To have passers-by gawking at you as you eat; it's pretty disconcerting, I admit. I shall stop doing that to other diners the next time I walk past. Heh.

Totally dig the idea of a free-flow bottle of tartar/chile/tomato sauces on every tables.

You can check out the menu HERE.

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