Friday, July 09, 2010

random eats!

Chicken cutlet

Bought at those regular mom & pop western food stall at resident coffee shops.

I don't know if they are being generous with us because we're quite their regulars. But my plate has 3 pieces of mid-sized breadcrumbed chicken fillets. My colleagues had 2 large pieces.

Did I mention that I love those soft, deep-fried buns? Then again, all these deep-fried stuff, almost felt sick at the end of the meal; from all that grease.

Check out the other stuff I bought from this stall (also in 'random' set of pics).

Beef Curry Kway Teow

I always feel overwhelmed whenever I had to order something at Enak Rasa Seafood (Bedok Reservoir Road, near my parents' place).

Their menu is pretty extensive and most of their food taste good.

My mum had the Singapore Fried Bee Hoon. Bro remarked, "Not again?" I guess she's been ordering this with everytime they came here. When it arrived, I was dismayed to see that it looked like a plate of 'birthday mee'. You know, the white, fried beehoon one normally see at parties.

Yet, I was pretty amazed when I had a taste. It was slightly sweet, somehow and yet it goes well as a savoury dish. Nice!

Bro had the sweet & sour fish with rice, which he finished pretty fast. No comment on that.

Myself, I decide to settle for something that I haven't had in a while. Curry mee. With beef (chicken is also available). Yellow noodles to be replaced with kway teow (personal preference would have been the laksa beehoon but I know they don't have that).

Warning: This dish comes in a pretty big portion. There's a whole load of curry there. Despite how it looked, they aren't heavy-handed with the curry. Not as mild as laksa but not as robust as the real deal.

Very good thing to have during cold weather. Or when you're hungry.

The other kind of curry noodles that I had one time before.

Somehow I'm really missing the simple one available from this take-away foodshop available at Eunos mrt sometime back (can't recall the shop name). The fact that they topped the bowl of curry noodles with crispy, deep-fried curry leaves - well that really rocks.

Tango Mango Smoothie

Fantabulous for beating the scorching heat nowadays, this drink is like 80% mango. Taste really good and was so refreshing! And those cubes of fresh mango on top were such a bonus! Especially when this drink cost only $3.

Bought from Smoothy de Cafe @ Singapore Post SC. Yes, the bubble tea shop that also serves the superb crispy waffles.

Been recommending this place to my bro. First, he wasn't convinced that there are thick waffles that can be crispy at the same time. Secondly, he can't accept the fact that someone would want to put fresh mango on the smoothie itself.

I really hope that he drop by here and have a go.

So there goes another episode of random eats. Hope these help to give you an idea of what to have the next time you have a mental block; when you need an idea of what to eat.

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