Tuesday, December 30, 2008

random foods

macaroons from Canele

After dinner with my boss, my colleague Sri and I got around on our own at Robertson Walk (that place has gotten to be pretty hip, ain't it?).

My boss had mentioned that Canele is somewhere around the corner and I felt like having a go at their macaroons, since I've heard so much about the ones sold there.

We got the 1/2 dozen box. Flavours chosen were: Pistachio, 70% Dark Choc, Raspberry, Passionfruit, Hazelnut & Caffe. The raspberry was such a downer. They had used the jam instead of raspberry cream.

I didn't have high hopes for the passionfruit but it turned out pretty fine.

The fragrance on the pistachio comes off as weird for a nutty flavour... The rest were pretty much alright. No points for guessing my favourite of the lot...!

thai-style chicken feet

Been yearning to have this for ages!

Bought this from Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice at the Clementi branch, near my grandma's place.

The chicken rice really kick ass but what drew me here is this dish. I no longer eat chicken feet despite loving it so much as a young kid. However, seeing that the chicken feet here is also boneless, I'm very much intrigued.

I end up slurping down the sweet and tangy thai sauce... Ummm!

fish porridge

Came upon this new halal eatery called, 'Singa Goody' on the 3rd floor of Harbourfront Centre, near the ferry ticketing area.

It's a simple eatery, reminded me of the ones in HK, somehow.

My mum got the fish porridge which was alright. They had deep fried strips of tau pok & yu tiao on top. But one thing lacking has got to be the chopped scallions & cilantro.

chicken curry noodle

As always, I asked for the yellow noodles to be replaced with laksa bee hoon instead (I have a certain distaste for yellow noodles).

Taste-wise, it was alright. The curry taste could have been stronger and this one here came out tasting like some laksa instead. I'm really missing the deep-fried curry leaves like those served at that take-away foodstall outside Eunos mrt.

This noodle comes as a set with lime juice & a slice of garlic bread. The lime juice has an asam boi inside which is a turn-off for me so I gave both the bread & drink to my dad instead. I don't know how am I to eat the curry noodles with garlic bread.

... My mum just updated me, saying that the foodstall at Eunos mrt had closed down, seeing that thay had difficulty hiring workers to man their stall... Oh man!

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