Thursday, December 11, 2008

oh, random! ~ death in the (future) family

Missed a call from my-other-half (MOH) at ard 11pm last Mon as I was dead tired from events earlier that day on Aidil Adha.

He called me at work the next day to inform me that his grandma had passed away.

I panicked; for the only person I had in mind was his grandma who reside in Silat Road; bless her.

I was quick to ask, "Erm, your grandma...?" This translates as: Which one??

"The one in Java.."

Ouwh! I totally forgot the other one.

It then dawn upon me that I have yet to meet her.

Considering that it's not easy for him to get long leaves like that, his mum had initially suggested, and gotten my mum to convince me; to convince HER son to head over to his grandma's village during the honeymoon.

Not that we're honeymoon-ing there. Just include Central Java in our itinerary.

It got us pretty vexed, seeing that it'll make planning a hell lot more challenging. Not that I don't intend to visit her, just that that there's always another time for that trip where my whole time can be devoted on visiting our relatives there.

Most importantly, it won't see us in much haste, trying to get from one place to another within that limited period of time.

I initially intended to abide by his mum's wishes and did try to look around for possible travel routes from the village in Java to our intended destination.

Not easy, I tell you.

I tried to coax him into the idea, but his vehement dismissal on the issue made me think likewise. There had been plans for the whole bunch of us to head there sometime in May-June next year, so there.

The reason for bringing this up was due to that his grandma had missed him so much (he last went there when he's still a school kid and he didn't really enjoy that experience).

Myself meanwhile, yearned so much to see my family's village over there in Banyu Mas - Purwokerto. I've heard so much about the place from my mum that I wanna see for myself, what is it that she spoke so memorably of. The last time my relatives head there, my parents had been too busy with work so I stayed put.

So much for being someone who's proud of her Javanese roots and yet, I've never even seen my family's village. Pfft!

Anyway, his mum made her way there late last month, when another relative went back there to visit her sick mum. She followed suit (for company) and visited her late mum who was already unwell back then.

My parents had paid her a visit upon hearing the news of the death and that evening, my mum told me what my future mum-in-law (MIL) had told her.

She had brought along a picture of MOH & me, taken a day after our engagement. Upon receiving the pic, his late gradma hugged it and kept it close to her throughout. The next day, she was able to walk on her own!

That story struck a chord within me and touched me to bits. It somewhat reminded me of my late great-grandma, somehow.

There's just something about the elderly folks that never fail to pull at my heartstrings. It's just something that I can't explain.

Right now, it kinda' pained me to know that I have no idea as to how she looked like. And the fact that I can't see her. I had so many grand plans about what I'll do when I get there and now...

Oh well, we'll never know what fate had in store for us. Who are we to interfere with the circle of life?

May she rest in peace. Semoga Allah s.w.t mencucuri Rahmat ke atas Roh-nya. Amin.


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