Friday, December 05, 2008

ayam bakar & Muallaf

Ayam bakar - grilled chicken

The in-house specialty for which the restaurant is named after.

Recommended this to that chicken-lover of a cousin that I have, Imah but she was disappointed that they had served her with the breast-meat portion, which she kinda' dislike.

Geez, I should have reminded her to specify her choice of chicken cut when making the order.

Despite the crowd & queue, the service was prompt and the food was duly served within 10 mins of us being seated, whilst still remaining warm.

I think they should rent more units from that floor. It's-just-too-cramped!

Ikan bawal bakar - grilled pomfret

Sue & my order. Yes, yet another similar choice made. Erm, pls ignore that half-eaten tempeh (Javanese fermented soy cake) on the fish.

I initially had every intention to order their Nasi Rawon. The idea of that savoury beef stew with the kecambah (young bean sprout), emping belinjo (bitter-nut crackers) and salted egg on the side, simply makes me drool.

However, recalling that I've just had beef burger for lunch, I scrapped the idea of having more meat that evening, hence the fish (chicken will still be deemed too 'heaty').

Eating this made me think of the Ikan bakar (grilled fish) from Waroeng Penyet, which uses the freshwater Tilapia fish (they also have the pomfret).

Freshwater fish, naturally has this 'muddy' taste. Therefore, they had used the spices in the marinade in much abundance, so as to mask that. Which brings to a really delicious and crispy dish!

Jus Alpukat - Avocado juice

Something I've been yearning to have eversince Waroeng Penyet ran out of this the other day (they always ran out of this!). Best part was that we were greeted with the sight of a long table outside having glasses of this, which brought on the yearning.

How are we to know that it's THAT very table that finished up their stock of the avocado juice?


I think avocados are in season now. Considering getting some ripe ones to make jus alpukat for the family.

And guacamole! I'm gonna do my own version of that Carl's Jr burger. Dun think I can make it down to KL just to try that one. Rather try making my own.

Then I can bring on some nachos with the guacamole, sour cream, salsa and cheese. YUM!

Muallaf @ Cathay Picturehouse

I was surprised when Imah called me at 1930 to inform me that the cinema for Muallaf at 2115 was almost full.

Turns out that the theater was a pretty tiny small one. Even no food & drinks were allowed in, which was fine by me. Well considering the fact that the typical Yasmin Ahmad movies are those... well how do I describe it..?

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that this is the kind of movie that can be marred by noises, especially those from food-crunching and drinks-slurping etc.

Miss a beat and you could have missed a crucial one-off moment in that scene.

...That reminds me that I wanna watch this movie yet another time.

Shyba?? You hear me? I wanna watch another time! Wanna join me??!


my dear cousins

Camwhores, we are not.

Horrible in this art, we were shy, embarassed, meek and whatever ways to describe the fact that we aren't so brazen as to openly take our own photos amidst the presence of others who while their time away people-watching, therefore our antics must have possibly caught their attention. We surely must have been the butt of their jokes.


Why do I feel like there's a generation gap between them and myself? Age is definitely catching up on me.... =P

Anyway, I wanna declare that this year's Christmas lighting at Orchard Road is just so.... blah! Maybe it's the economic downturn? Or is this also part of the 'Save-Energy' campaign?

My personal favourite would have been the Deepavali light-up. It's the festival of lights, after all!

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