Sunday, December 21, 2008

random peeks

AIA's 2009 calendar

This one here will give the peeps at their flagship store a run for their money..

Free calendars by AIA, showing colourful (mostly red) pics of the devils team.

One thing for sure, I ain't using AIA's calendar on my office desk for 2009.
Pakai kalendar masjid lagi bagus, dari muka setan2x nie...

MY boss's wife, an AIA agent, was excited to give me these, knowing how much of a football fan I am.

I guess I gotta pardon her ignorance, as it's common for non-football fans to assume that we'll like EVERY team that's on the globe, for the love of the game.

It's just too bad that I like most other teams except for them. Like what's quoted from the New Paper, I'm an A.B.U. fan.

Anything But United.

A personal pot of Longjing tea

I was digging through the office pantry when I came upon 2 cans of Longjing tea. Not another one..!

My boss is so fond of buying expensive teas and yet they never bother to finish them. Like the one I tried making before.

I googled up on 'Longjing tea' and was not surprised to see that it's (yet) another famous type of tea from China. Naturally I got curious and tried.

Warh! It's got a pretty strong taste actually. To the point of being slightly bitter....

But it felt good after sometime... Must be all the cathechins kicking in....

Pepperidge Farm cookies

One of the best off-the-shelf cookie so far....

I had stumbled into a site where the lady bakes pretty nice-looking cookies and she had recommended Pepperidge Farm.

Oh come on, when someone who knows her cookies recommend her favourite brand, one just gotta' try right..?

I griped to my collegue about how this brand just isn't that common here and she suggested Cold Storage (CS).

And seeing that I was already at Parkway Parade, I chose CS instead of Giant and I was greeted with the sight of not only their regular chocolate chip, but also the type that I've been eying since I visited their website!

Dark chocolate & pecan

I love my dark chocolate and I love my nuts, so there!

And most surprisingly, my-other-half (MOH) start to squat in front of these cooking and start to check-out all the available varieties.

"You want to buy, too?"

"I like these kind of cookies. Gonna get some for myself."

"You like nuts? Milk or dark chocolate?"

"Nope, no nuts."

He eventually got the Double Chocolate Chunk, which is second in my books. Something I'm getting when I'm done with my Pecans...

Oh, now that's ANOTHER good reason for me to marry him. I can jolly well imagine evenings watching action movies, sharing a pack of these Chocolate-Chunk cookies...

And I thought I was already in heaven after eating Boasters....

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