Monday, December 15, 2008

swensens at midnight

my bro

Our initial plans to watch Ip Man got hampered last Fri. My bad.

In my excitement on seeing Ip Man being on the showtime schedules that I overlooked the date that it's showing. It's turns out to be this only week.. Pfft.

So I decide that the both of us go for supper instead.

I'm tired of the old Simpang Bedok, our usual late night haunt. So I suggest the other possible place that's still brimming with activity at that hour (I love living in the east!).

Changi Airport.

For non-Singaporean readers, I tell you, Singaporeans treat their international airport like any other shopping centre. We just love it there. Spacious, (very) clean, lots of shops and restaurants and they remain open till' late. Some are even 24 hrs!

And being the siblings that we are, we both had similar intentions. We decided on having only desserts; despite not having dinner. Or so we thought.

My bro is not exactly a 'cake' person so it's either McD's ice-cream or Swensens.

Seeing this photo makes me wonder sometimes, who's the elder sibling here...?

Doesn't he look like a 'jakun' little boy..?

Ok, I'll show you another photo.

ah-pek at Swensen's

You see..?

I'm just SO glad that our request to be seated at the side, was met. I just can't imagine him sitting like this at the seats that were originally given to us; at the centre of the whole action, in that really crowded restaurant.

I guess he got a tad too comfortable on the sofa seats....

calamari rings

Starters. It has always been our favourite choice.

I remember, when we were kids, there was a minimart in our neighbourhood which sold frozen calamari rings in 1kg packs. Right then, calamari rings aren't that popular and are only available at certain restaurants (mostly high-end ones).

Our family love those rings and we bought them pretty regularly, although at $15 each, they don't really come cheap (this was almost 20 years back).

Then the minimart closed down with the deteriorating health of the proprietor.

So all those years of yearning for these kind of made us pretty obsessed about ordering this whenever possible.

Sourdough 49ers Chicken

Yes, so much for having 'only desserts'.

We still intend on keeping it simple. My bro ordered this because it comes with 2 of these sourdough bread sandwiches and there's also fries.

And each sandwich is smaller than the size of our hand.


However, as we rapidly cleaned out the plate, it did come across our minds that we should have made a separate order of fries.

It's quite a pain to see other tables ordering them fries and here we are, polishing off this pathetic amount of fries that's merely a side for some sandwiches.

However, I managed to convince my bro that we'll eventually get full after desserts so he hurriedly called for the server to bring out our sundaes.

our sundaes

ah yes...!

So which one belongs to whom, pray tell me..?

Sticky Chewy Chocolate

This, believe it or not, was my bro's order!

I didn't know he's THAT crazy about chocolate. Even I, a chocolate lover, thought that this would have been a tad overwhelming for me..

Coit Tower

Reason I took this is because I'm back to believing in the power of numbers. The more the merrier..?

This one here is supposed to be Vanilla & Chocolate iceream but I had the former replaced with the Pistachio-Almond flavour instead (chosen on a whim). Nuts!

Then there's both Choc. Fudge & Strawberry toppings. Plus sliced bananas and more almonds. YUM!

The number of items being mentioned in the description already made me delirious.

As much as I enjoy the nuts in the flavour I chose, I doubt I might order it again. It carried the faint scent of almond syrup, which I totally detest. Even my bro noticed it.

But desserts are desserts. All that adrenaline rush that Friday night, after being cooped up in the office the whole day, well it's just what I need!

But all that sweets so late at night had me worried so I end up like an crazed hamster that Saturday morning in gym.

going back

Thank you so much for the treat, bro!

You're the best!

Oh well, you're my only sibling. So you'll ALWAYS end up being the best!

We spotted our cousin who worked there. We waited for him to be done with the Caucasian couple who was trying to check in but they spent AGES there so the both of us just went back.

When I messaged him later on in the car, he replied, "Why never bring FOOD!!!"

Wah lau, you're working at the counter and still can ask us to pack you food??! He was pissed, for that Caucasian couple took so long to check in because they can't converse in English.

Well, too bad.

We had to rush off to fetch my bro's fren who's currently broke after returning from his European trip. Apparently, had taken the last train from Yishun and it'll terminate at Raffles Place MRT station.

And he had no $ for cab fare. So he was desperately calling my bro on his dying phone, for he had forgotten to charge it. So he was attempting to 'trick' the phone into starting up with everytime he remove and replace the battery. Haha!

My bro had told me that his friend, knowing my love for Arsenal, had wanted to made me envious, by showing me the pic of him at the Emirates Stadium, kissing the FA Cup that Arsenal had won.

He's lucky that he had forgotten to show me that, for I would have gladly dropped him off at the road shoulder of the expressway that night...


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