Wednesday, December 03, 2008

oh, random!

Rushed out of the bathroom only to see that I've missed a good part of 2PM's performance on Music Bank (KBS).

Walked in the darkness to the bathroom (again, not quite done with my tooth-brushing), past my bro's bed going, "Aaargh! Aargh! Aargh!" under my breath (yes, it's possible to do that).

In his groggy and sleepy state, he asked," Hey, what's wrong..?"

"Oh, nothing.... I just missed watching my favourite band's performance on tv."

Next thing I know... *BAM!*

Got hit by a pillow at the back of my head. -_-

"Pass that back."

Needless to say, that night, I slept with an extra pillow. =)

Ok, I wanna gripe about something here.

Why the heck did that Korean channel, KBS World revamped their schedules..??

It's so WTF, can??

Maybe you are not aware but my mum and I, we watch KBS like 80% of the time. Our free time evolve around the program timings on that channel.

And last week, they rearranged the timings of 70% of their programs and everything went haywire. Some of the usual programs that I always watched at 10+pm, were shown at 1am. Some weekend programs were now showing on weekday afternoons, when I'm away at work.

Now the nightly dramas are shown back-to-back, when usually, there's a program that comes in between. Talk about overdose...

The only good thing is that they began playing Music Bank (K-Chart) and Star Golden Bell at 11.10pm on Tuesdays & Wednesdays respectively.

Those are the ONLY good things so far... Hmmph!

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