Monday, December 01, 2008

(very) expensive cake

THIS has got to be one of the most expensive cake that I have ever eaten.

You might wonder, just what luxurious cake would command such a high price?

Believe it or not, it's the humble Lapis Surabaya.

Humble..? *chokes*

Do you know how many egg yolks it takes to make this??

At least 10. Most commonly 20. Egg YOLKS.

Maybe that's what gave the cake the rich (pun not intended) taste.

Oh, I forgot to tell you the price for this one here. It's in the range of around $100 per box.

When I heard the price, my first question was, "Is there GOLD inside??"

For a simple sponge cake layer above and chocolate sponge below and a layer of prune jam in between, do you think that price is worth it?

This was bought by one of of my boss's rich clients who hail from Surabaya and yes, she brought the cake all the way from there.

I've tried various Lapis Surabaya (some brought by them - from there of course!) and I have to admit that this is the best. In terms of taste and texture. We (my boss and I) have eaten this once before and we know this is the 'nicest-tasting' one but right then, we have NO idea it cost this much.

I guess, it's popular with the rich folks from there (known to be teeming with the uber-rich Chinese magnate families who run vast business empires) who have the spending power and seeing that the demand have been good, these things sell well, despite the high price-tag (obviously someone took advantage of this situation).

Thank goodness, these rich folks are also generous. Or I wouldn't have been able to eat something so simple, yet (very) expensive..!

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