Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Aidil Adha eats II


I don't know what you personally call this Javanese vegetable dish but at my home, it's either urap or most often, we call this keluban.

Most of the vegetables like young tapioca leaves, cabbages and bean sprouts are blanched. Some people blanched the long beans too but that's only when they cut them into longer 1 inch pieces.

We prefer to cut them into much smaller bits and keeping them raw for that extra crunch. Also added was the thinly sliced kecipir/kacang botol (4-angle beans).

The spiced coconut has chilli, dried shrimps and others like tumeric leaves and kencur (which I'm proud to declare that they come from my mum's mini herb-garden). I can't recall what else is in that but I can only describe it as slightly salty & sweet, spicy and very fragrant.

sambal goreng babat

My mum never fail to cook this for every festive occasion, seeing that it's pretty popular among my relatives who eat babat (beef tripe).

This Hari Raya Haji, she cooked around 5 kgs of it. Yes, you read right. You won't believe the amount of garlic, onions, gallangal, ginger, lemongrass and chilli that we have to either cut, chop, slice or make a paste of.

sambal goreng petai

This one here is fried with only the cut ingredients, without frying any chilli or onion paste.

There's beef meat, lungs & liver, shrimps, tempeh, kecambah and of course, petai (stinky cluster beans).

My grandma's specialty.


Remember the other day, I had wanted to get the Rawon at Ayam Bakar Ojolali but decided against it?

I got it at my grandmas!

Beef stew made with buah keluak, onions and daun salam (bay leaves) as the main ingredients, I just love sipping on the soup/gravy.

sambal tumis sotong kurita

"What's sotong kurita?" you ask.

It's octopus! My mum managed to find the dried version somewhere. And made sambal tumis out of it! Oh, I Love, love, love sambal tumis sotong.

Having watched too many Korean programmes, I've see Korean's love for octopus and I did inquire at the dried goods wholesale centre. All gave the same answer. Too expensive, too tough (texture) and only for making soups. Blah!

The frozen ones sold at Korean marts here aren't exactly cheap either.

But my mum got these and they aren't expensive at all! But they are a bit on the smallish side, though.

BUT it's still octopus. YUM!

So there. There's more food where that came from. But these are what I managed to snap. It rained the whole day that Aidil Adha and I got pretty hungry.

Anyway, we ended the day with some R&R at a place which we thought to be somewhat unlikely. Turns out, we saw other Muslim-Malays there too, also in their Hari Raya finery.

Haha! Eat at Popeye's somemore! Not enough ketupats & rendangs to go around, maybe?

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